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Do you like New York City? C’mon, everybody loves New York City. So…

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful movie!

“To our friend and enemy, Manfred von Richthofen”


  1. Born a soldier from the horseback to the skies.
    Where a legend will arise

  2. my great grandfather was part of Jasta1 during ww1 and flew the Albatros D4

  3. This guy is 40 years now lol

  4. such an underrated movie

  5. It is a beautifully photographed film, no doubt, but the writer and director did take creative license when there was no need. As a history buff, that's what leaves me so conflicted about the film. Mainly, it had to do with Richthofen's fictional relationship with Canadian fighter pilot Roy Brown. I refer to scenes like Richthofen shooting Brown down, and then rescuing him from his crashed airplane. Another one about their meeting in the middle of the field to have a nice chat. What made it worse in one of those scenes Brown, on departing, tells the Baron that his nurse "has the hots for him." Really? Come – on! The editors made a big goof there, letting that line slip by. Overall, I liked watching the movie, but those scenes with Brown should have been left out. The scene that should have been included wasn't – his last dogfight – where Brown, in a bid to save his friend and novice pilot, engages the Baron.

  6. This was and exceptionally good movie, with some very fine actors. The don't think the Baron knows how much he is still revered today, over 103 years since he was killed. Thanks for the upload

  7. I was pretty emotionless throughout the whole movie but what got me was the last scene with the grave, where it showed the sky through the tries like in the beginning and the music started, you expected him to fly over the forest, but the sky remained silent. And then, the scene with the real life people…. almost all died young and it was so sad…
    F*ck all people who advocate for war.

  8. Enemy = British
    Their Accent = Kinda British

  9. This is part movie, part cartoon. Whenever there are aeroplanes in flight, it switches to a cartoon/video game picture. The pilots sit in these cartoon planes and there isn't even enough wind to move the unfastened loose earflaps of their leather helmets. they forgot to bring a fan to the green screen I suppose. It may be derived from a video game or it may just be consumer grade computer generated imagery. very poor cgi. Not only do the aeroplanes become cartoons but the landscape and sky as well. Also they didn't have tents with built in vinyl windows in them in 1917. They are at least 60 years off on that.

  10. thanks Teo, great movie!

  11. That is not the original translation…in German what the general actually says is not so much for army regulations…he just simply says "brilliant"-in German.
    And, that says it all.
    It reminds me of the exact same word in Romanian…mo machitari

  12. Wow Mickey. Honor among enemies…true honor…not from our politicians… you only find this kind of honor in battle or with comrades in arms…great story

  13. my friends great great grandpa is the red barron

  14. Opening scene's sophisticated aircraft is so misleading and fifteen years ahead of it's time. They were flying little more than box kites with engines in 1906. What a shame that the filmmaker chooses to spoil it by asking such a suspension of disbelief.

  15. I watched this movie since grade 4 2016 nostalgic Joseph Fiennes!!!!!

  16. This is the best movie ever

  17. 43:07 This is the best way to respond to a Smartass.

  18. People actually watched this to the end wow

  19. Man and machine and nothing there inbetween, a flying circus and a man from prussia…

  20. What some see: 3,000,000 views
    What I see: 3,000,000 people keeping their damm mouths shut

  21. Are you out of your bloody minds! Shut up lol

  22. My grate grate grandfather was a farmer in world war 1 but was bombed 1 min bethor world war 1 ended and I had 3 family members who worked in ww2 one was shot down in the Battle of Britain one was sunk by a torpeedo by the KMS Admril Hipper and one was on a ship that carried supplies to England but he didint die

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