Random Encounters (2013) | Full Movie | Meghan Markle | Sean Young | Michael Rady

(Comedy, Romance, Drama)

See Meghan Markle years before she was the Duchess of Sussex!

Misunderstandings and missed chances abound after two twenty-somethings have a chance meeting in a coffee shop, then later try to find each other again.

Director: Boris Undorf
Writers: Nate Barlow (screenplay), Boris Undorf (revisions)
Stars: Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex), Sean Young, Michael Rady

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  1. I just can’t believe Prince Harry just married her

  2. Miss Markle's name is first on screen when the movie starts but at the end of the film in the cast list she certainly isn't given top billing there . I guess the producers of this film redid the opening credits putting her name first and foremost at the films commencement after she became the 'Duchess of Sussex' . My My what marrying a Prince can do for a girl .

  3. Almost halfway through the movie , sorry but its rather boring . that's too much time spent on the rather silly search rather than the development of the relationship between the two romantic leads . Anyway I will persevere till the end , but its getting a little frustrating I must say.

    OK … stayed till the end , the second half of the movie was great and the end was superb . Thank you for this film . Definitely worth watching .

  4. Almost to the end of the movie to finally meet🤬

  5. Cinde: In 3 years we're going to be the same age! That line had me on the floor! Ha ha ha! An excellent movie from beginning to end.

  6. where can i get the book, sees like it does work

  7. a decent movie. no horrible murders, no violent deaths, no sword play, No wonder the Brits hate her.

  8. Meghan is hot with a super perfect bum.

  9. Megan Markle is amazing 💋💋💋

  10. What a beautiful movie!🥰 I loved it sooooo much!❤️❤️❤️☺️

  11. I'm so impressed with the pineapple dress………🍍LoL🤣

  12. Cute twists; a type of comedy of errors. Amazing casting.

  13. I wanted to see Meghan act, I liked the movie. 👏

  14. Now that I have seen half the movie…Markle literally played herself. Looking for famous people, grifting and golddigging character. Everything about her character in this movie is exactly what she did on her path to Prince H

  15. Now that she is a Duchess…she gets top billing over great actresses like Sean Young? What a joke

  16. Movie is sort of cute. Megan's bad acting taints it but once you get past her fake grin and bug-eyed look (btw megan not flattering), it's light entertainment. Since Megan's scrubbing the internet of her unflattering items, if she could remove herself from this movie, it would be an improvement.

  17. meagan markle reminds me of jughead in the archies comic series

  18. sean youngs in this i worked with her on everything to gain. she was blade runner. cool

  19. The ending was the best part. They fell in love without even having sex. What a novel idea – lol

  20. Eek MMs acting is not that great at all. Like she’s just reading the lines with no acting involved.

  21. Only watching to see MM acting SKILLS. 🤔

  22. Now I know why meghnut never found job in Hollywood. She can't act at all 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Its a great act but netflix will hide them soon like how the take over enless love with jake nice movie

  24. The Royals would gasp🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Nice movie three girl love one human

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