Queen – Under Pressure (Official Video)

Taken from Hot Space, 1982.

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The official ‘Under Pressure’ music video. Taken from Queen – ‘Greatest Video Hits 2’.

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Queen – Under Pressure (Official Video)


  1. If i hear the begin im stil think about ice ice baby

  2. Is the year 2022 our last dance?

  3. We are all under pressure and the valve is about to pop.

  4. Sad moments equal when you think Under Pressure is playing on the radio buts actually Ice Ice Baby

  5. still haven’t forgiven david bowie for stealing the beat from vanilla ice

  6. This song will never ever get old

  7. Young generation needs to view and UNDERSTAND this video.

  8. Anne Hathaway wasnt wrong tho

  9. The best song. Thanks Queen😊

  10. Alguém ouvindo essa música agora em 2022 😍😍

  11. funny that ice ice baby has been viewed more than this song

  12. Vanilla ice killed this, these guys honestly did their best but compared to the rap version , vanilla did this beat justice let’s be real

  13. Oh wow, they sampled Vanilla Ice. Very Cool!

  14. Dennis peterson; her is your song from Jason at Lester Electric Lamination

  15. Can everyone on the planet listen to this for the sake of humanity?

  16. I actually bought Hot Space for this song. It's the terror of Knowing what this world is about. The simple pleasure is when this song comes on and the stupid thinks it Rip Van Winkle.

  17. Can you make more videos please

  18. Wish I would have seen this earlier.

  19. Because of Anne Hathaway and Kelly Clarkson riff off.. Hahaha.. I now know this song.. I thought its Vanilla Ice's song

  20. Does anyone know why the song title doesn’t say ft David Bowie? I’ve listened to the original and he is on it so I’m curious? Was it supposed to be a cameo for fun or was there drama? What’s the reason?

  21. Happy 71st Birthday John Deacon! 🎸

  22. Where can someone watch those old school movies like nosferatu and the werewolf guy, dracula and what not?

  23. i feel ashamed to admit i only know this song from the rock meme.

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