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It’s 2020 and the world is changing before us. To prevent the spread of the virus, one city official decides to take matters into his own hands and puts his entire city on lockdown. This leaves one of his police detectives in the middle of an undercover operation, quarantined with a psychotic suspect. The detective must figure out how to make it through this quarantine relationship without her finding out. Will he make it out alive?

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Starring Karessh Forreal & Nelson J. Davis

Learn more about Director Nakia T. Hamilton:

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  1. Hmmm… I’m still waiting for the action part!😕
    Don’t waste your time.

  2. Good movie but it needs some adjustment on the text on the video 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏thanks for sharing this

  3. Lovin this really good movie had S ome surprises at the end keep me Guessing my kind of movie thank you so much I got say it again my Favorite movies on YouTube Maverwick movies

  4. I Will Five ups bit nota for real

  5. I saw this on tubi 👀💯

  6. Movie was ok Maverick definitely be having some mean movies Peace

  7. Check this one out so far most of these independent movies are good let's go

  8. It's crazy that we're still in the pandemic but now that the vaccine is out and rolling there's still hope keep the faith and keep hope we're gonna beat this virus

  9. Sex is so over rated, it can last a minute but have a lifetime of consequences…

  10. Give it up the first situational Covid 19 movie 🍿🎥🎉…


  12. I might have to come back to this because i already want to forward this to find out what "IT" IS

  13. What in the world 🌎🌎🌎🌎

  14. Iife is too short live for the Lord Amen

  15. Sorry this movie started off slow,' the it ' they kept talking about was dumb the acting was not very good I love our african movies but not a fan of this one.😫

  16. So everyone played everyone????

    No one was really real

  17. The Best Part is the Inspiration Speech after the Movie 💯

  18. Anyone kno the name of the song at the end of the movie

  19. I cannot watch no more of this corny bs a%% movie. Puch her n da grill!!!!! If u feel threatened . mann she aint stronger than him. Nigga please knock her out n not n da sheets. Skip that!

  20. Send da cops um wheres da location😂😂😂😂

  21. Can u help me this iz Germany. Germany u owe me 40.dollaz! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. This was comical👍🏽 way to lighten up the mood and a lil twist

  23. Strange but edgy
    True Words of Wisdom at the end of the Movie 👌👏👍

  24. It’s kind of weird but still good too

  25. This was deadly but sweet❤️ And the music track at the end is really nice.

  26. Concept
    Marketing Manager of MNC firm travel from Greece to Indonesia. From airport, cab is already waiting for her to pick up from another firm. Cab driver gets shocked after looking the figure statistics of marketing manager. He opens cab door for her
    Manager:Are you from that consulting firm?
    Driver:Yes,CEO of firm sent me airport to pick marketing manager
    Manager:I am tired. Switch on AC
    Driver spies cleavage of manager through front mirror.
    After 1&half hour,driver reaches luxurious lodging
    Manager:This place seems to be different. Where is the firm?
    Driver:Truly speaking, CEO of firm suggested me to make u halt at these lodging as per quarantine rules of country
    Manager:Take my luggage till room.
    Driver:Sure Madam.
    Staff of lodging shows manager her room and explains all the facilities.
    Driver leaves the room immediately after dropping her luggage
    She takes shower and orders breakfast for her
    Waiter comes with breakfast after 20 mins
    Manager:Hey waiter, ur zip is open
    Manager texts CEO about quarantine period
    CEO:You need to stay for 10 days in quarantine period
    Manager:My VISA is only for 15 days. How can we finish documentation in 5 days?
    CEO:once ur 1st COVID test comes out negative after 7 days, u can visit the firm
    Manager finds strange stuff inside room which has connection with blind faith
    Manager keeps herself busy in working on her laptop. She hears some gasping and squealish sounds of couple enjoying sex. Checking washroom and other sides, she finds nothing such suspicious
    Manager orders continental meal of indonesia with red wine. After having meal, she takes rest covering her body with sheets. Her bed automatically goes upwards and downwards without disturbing her sleep. Manager feels heavy stomach and rush towards toilet to vomit out due to indigestion. She feels feverish and headache. Taking efforts, she rings lodging manager about fever. Manager informs COVID hospital for her check up.Two members from laboratory visit her room to take her swap as well blood test. Lab members explain her procedure to take medicine.
    Manager feels better after having medicine. She goes to sleep at 11:45pm while busy in reading paranormal novels.
    At 2am,her sheet scroll down reaching floor. Her nighty lace gets loosened spreading her legs apart. Her 38C breasts are exposed with bra cups down. She holds pillow astight scratching nails on bed.her semi naked body starts getting goosebumps with sexual tension developed inside her body
    .She wakes up in fear and starts smoking near gallery
    2 days later, her COVID report as well other infections are not found. Manager feels relax and comfortable after hearing about her reports.
    She feels bored and waits for quarantine days to finish of early.
    Suddenly on 6th day after waking in morning, she feels scared after seeing her sheets stained.without abdominal cramps, she was bleeding. Manager gets depressed with shocking incidents happening with her. Her thighs were stained with red colour. She informed laundry by giving them gake reason of periods. Housekeeping lady knocks her door. Manager opens door and lady changes her sheets and collects stained sheets closing her room door.
    She chats online with nearby gyno specialist and shares the incident happened with her
    Specialist:Have pregnancy test
    Manager:But why?
    Gyno specialist:ok.check if u bleed next day or not
    Manager decide to take nap in afternoon. She feels sudden weight gain and abnormalities inside stomach. After opening eyes, she screams in pain seeing baby bump flaunting upwards. Manager struggles to get off from bed. Her hands&legs feels tied.she screams "Help, somebody help".Unfortunately her sounds doesnt go out of room. She feels crack in her womb and alien looking baby comes out of it
    Manager breast feeds baby. But alien baby has big size penis. He penetrates his mother making her scream due to pleasure.

  27. I will admit in the beginning I was lost but by the end the plot changed. ….. Good job I actually enjoyed it

  28. I enjoyed! Thank you ☺️

  29. To each their own but apart from quarantine what the heck was this movie about stupid movie waste of people's time

  30. Hey no talks about Hell anymore its heartbreaking I have see many people going to Hell please let us warn people more about Hell why do we just care about everything in the world instead of using these last day to tell people about Jesus Christ son of God

  31. Some dreams I had and some things from my heart. I woke up today with a heavy heart and I remember these dreams and I had one today God put it on my heart I have to share these cause some already happened others our future one I am going to let God lead me with my memory and the word of God. I had confirmation with other people on youtube I posted many of them but many people ignore them I am hoping at least one person wakes up and be delivered out their life of sin I am convicted I feel GOD'S heart for the whole world I was crying all week asking him to lead me to share here we go all glory to God.

  32. I saw another. Vision this morning I saw the light come on in this room at the hotel am living at by itself I was going to get it and check out how it turn on then once again I saw an army of demons show up here I seen like I did when I was dead. They surrounded the room I started to pray repent ask God what is going on then all of a sudden I saw a with in the mirror a giant fallen angel showed up at the same time then the devil and his demons told me in my mind give up God is not hearing you anymore your mother dedicated you to me. I am going to tell you your Husband is from me look I was praying and looked up I saw my husband spirit here he was floating on the wall I saw a hooded man with a robe an ancient brown robe and he froze time when I saw him then I was praying worshipping God I read Matthew 4 1-11 many others. Then it left their I was fighting all night two nights in the role then today 12-22-20 they used a women to servely attack me with her words then they showed up again right after I just warn my husband about so many dreams. They try to open my front door but God protected me thank God I am in spiritual warfare but I am still fighting with the word of God

  33. Basically dude is being sexually assaulted in the beginning of this movie. 🤣


  35. I love this movies. You're special and creative.

  36. This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen 💩💩💩

  37. Seems interesting so far

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