Pulp Fiction – the gold watch monologue

Christopher Walken expertly steers this scene from grave to comedic.


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  1. Seriously, why did you search for this scene?

  2. This watch was in someone’s asshole for 7 years

  3. The cartoon, btw, is Clutch Cargo. Artic Bird Giant episode. That silly Paddlefoot.

  4. tarantino should make a movie where bruce willis gives the gold watch to his own son, including his story about what he had to go through in order to retrieve it, thus adding to the storyline for this watch.

  5. When the watch closeup happens and he says gooks then that's when he flips. Lol.

  6. He was cracking after he made the “my azz hurts” grunt after he sat down. He was smiling and fighting a laugh.

  7. STEEL BALL RUN funny valentine father

  8. The kid snatching that watch even after the story got me rollin lmao

  9. Marines fighting the Germans?

  10. “This watch…. This watch.” Cinematic bliss

  11. It's absolutely clear to me that this is the central story to this whole movie. A lot of people don't understand how important the story is to this movie. But it completely carries the entire movie.

  12. The dad died because he kept the watch up his ass. Had he got rid of it, he would have lived to come back to his son.

  13. The most perfect casting choice for this scene!

  14. Thats right folks, wristwatches were first made in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  15. To put a watch up your ass that was in the ass of another man who died from disentary, you must have the greatest respect for that man. Lol

  16. I love how Walken went from talking about Butch’s family history with the watch to talking about hiding the watch up his backside. Classic Tarantino.

  17. May have been the best scene from that wonderful movie.

  18. I just noticed that the experience between Christopher Walken and Bruce Willis experience at a POW camp mirrors what happens to between him and Marcellus Wallace with the gimp/rapists.

    We even see that shared connection that Walkens character describes

  19. I love this so much, I'm gonna download it, put it on a flash stick, and stick it up my ass! Then give it to my son to watch one day when there are no more cd's available anymore

  20. Fr though. Captain Koons remembering everything Butch’s dad told him about the watch, it’s life story. Must’ve had a profound amount of respect for the man. To be able to comeback and tell the story to butch detail to detail. Respect.

  21. I typed "Hello, little man." because that is all i remember of the C. Walken monologue. lol

  22. I held this uncomfortable piece of metal up my ass, two years. . . .

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