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Check out the official Proxima Trailer starring Eva Green! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: November 6, 2020
Starring: Eva Green, Zélie Boulant, Matt Dillon
Directed By: Alice Winocour
Synopsis: An astronaut prepares for a one-year mission aboard the International Space Station.

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  1. I didn't know heavy smokers were allowed to be astronauts. Or that they were allowed to bring their kids to training sessions and technical debriefings.

  2. Does anyone know where I can find this music??

  3. Damn, first I thought great cast. Then I thought, great another drama centric movie about the part of space exploration that I could not care less about: family drama. I'd rather watch The Martian again.

  4. The first people that go to Mars will probably not come back. They will go there to build infrastructure and will live out their lives on Mars. The idea that one of the first missions would be a.) roundtrip b.) one the travellers would have a small child is laughable.

    – Higher gravity (than the moon)
    – Longer distance
    – Limits of rocket acceleration
    – Supplies

  5. YAWN ….finally a cure for insomnia

  6. 290 people didnt like that she left her daughter to go to Mars.

  7. Soooooo Ad Astra but with a woman

  8. Eva Green looks like Jack Kirby drew her.

  9. Now she's not going to the proxima centaury? Such a scam is also being filmed in my small country, Hungary, e.g. Eden, The Voice of the Lord. (lem laughs or spins)

  10. So it’s basically Away?

  11. Away crossed with interstellar… no thanks

  12. why do they speak terrible french lol?

  13. I thought it was a proxima centaury space trip 😐🚀🎇

  14. 2020 has taken two things from me a grandpa and a grandma now it’s taken all the good movies away 2020 sucks and so do all it’s movies 😢 can’t wait til 2021

  15. I would drink Eva Greens bath water…..

  16. Family drama, featuring some space stuff. Know why The Martian was so good? You remember his family? No, because they barely mentioned it. Believe it or not, people CAN handle a bit more science focus in movies without all this crap.

  17. two movies.
    Armageddon. rewatchable. made loads of cash. not the most scientifically accurate.
    Deep Impact. unwatchable. made little money. more scientifically accurate.

  18. I usually don’t go for space related movies , but it’s Eva Green, I have a moral obligation to watch this one

  19. Woke culture is disgrace.
    They are transforming sci fi movies into emotional craps now?
    And how come women are always the most sensitive, human friendly,rightful individuals at these movies?
    The hell with that.

  20. Netflix’s cancelled series Away, but as a film.

  21. She goths it up at some point, right?

  22. The movie set is not that far away kid, don't worry, your mom will be back in a jiffy!

  23. Don't have children if you know you gonna abandon them for your career, please?

  24. Astronauts take care of each others family's and their problems before they launch to make sure everything runs smoothly up there. They're all family 👪

  25. Sci-Fi or feminism empowerment movie ????

  26. I’m calling it; entire film is gonna be about the difficulties between mummy and daughter, then, once they’ve reconciled; rocket blows up on launchpad.

    Fade to black. Roll credits.

  27. I want a space movie with someone who has NO family ….

  28. in 200 years movies like this extinct, because we can go to mars then just come back a week later, like hey did u finish your homework?

  29. The soundtrack is similar to the ones from Hans zimmer

  30. Bore off with this strong woman single mum bs. We get it. You’re great.

  31. Already seen it. Its alright I guess. But someone has already said it – the film drags on and on. Its sweet but I feel like it could have either been shorter or had something to liven up the atmosphere.

  32. Че за смесь языков

  33. Why in God’s name are people still trying to get to Mars, when it’s been proven there is no water there that makes the place habitable?

  34. Space music
    as opposed to…
    WWII music (with more trumpets)

  35. This move at least one year old. Wtf?

  36. "We have lift off" not only with the actual mission, but also with the possible emotional and realistic portrayal of work and personal life. Stay safe everyone!

  37. Eva Green not naked in this?

  38. They called it Proxima but they're only going to Mars! Would have made more sense if they were going to Proxima Centuri B and discovering life or some other new stuff and maybe then this movie may have been worth watching. And also too much earth, not enough space.

  39. Why space movies are turning into family movies?

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