PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND Trailer (2021) Nicolas Cage, Sono Sion
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  1. Nicolas Cage + Sono Sion = ❤️

  2. The only reason I know what happened in this film is because I read the IMDB description before I watched it. A lot of this movie is a confusing mess and much of the dialogue doesn't seem to sync with scenes immediately afterwards….I felt like I was having a fever dream whilst watching it. That said- For some reason that is utterly beyond me I love this movie and recommend others watch it.

    He also references his absurd acting older films, which was great when it clicked!

  3. anyone thought it was a man in kimono the first time????

  4. I saw it today and it wasn't bad but the script wasn't there. Its visually appealing.

  5. I watched this a few days ago. I love his new "artistic b-movies" but the script of this one tries to hard. It's a retread of a few movies lumped into one: escape from New York, kill Bill, and the bad batch. The acting is excellent but too much stuff in the movie that is weird for the sake of being weird

  6. To the concerned about script: the script seems to be losely based on Orpheus and Eurydice myth, with Ghostland being Hades, a place where everyone loses something (Bernice – her voice), and time does not move. Overall, the script is pretty coherent. The only thing I didn't get is why Yasurijo fights Hero (Nick) to death, despite both having fighted governor's henchmen a couple of minutes before.

  7. Much, much better than Pig. And thanks for that. 👍

  8. Escape from New York, Escape from LA remake…. Cage cant be a  Snake Plissken……….

  9. Love Cage but this looks trite and boring.

  10. Nick and Sofia, this in going to be good…. Gotta love Sofia…….

  11. After having watched the movie I'm convinced this was a documentary following a 5 day stretch in the life of Nic Cage. All I have to say is HI-FUCKIN'-YEA!

  12. I'm in a shock…..FINALLY a movie more fucked up than any acting perfomance of Cage ever!!!!! Producers, director, everything in this film…ALL IN DEEP DRUGS……

  13. What a terrible movie!!! Why someone direct this kind of movie's 😀

  14. Colonel Sanders hires Memphis Raines to get his daughter back in 432000 seconds or he becomes fried Cage Free Chicken 🐔 ……. In the Apocalypse!
    -Got it.

  15. Cage has been cast in a new block buster release of Moby Dick – and he's going to play Moby Dick.

  16. Ill hold the F on. This looks crazy as hell but will not miss it for the world. Better than all the woke shit coming out of hollywoods ass.

  17. Reminds Carpenter's Escape From NY

  18. What happened your movies Nicolas is not good movie for me not same before like con air, faceoff,

  19. I saw that movie worst movie I ever seen totally time wasting I suggest no one watch this movie

  20. Well at least he talks in this one

  21. THE MERCENARY Hyper Violent Martial Arts action Starring a former FFL 2 REP Sniper now on VOD and on Amazon Prime …………….

  22. To the person calling sono sion b grade lmaooo

  23. this is what it's like just before The End.

  24. another worse and low-budget movie for nicholas cage.

  25. Welcome to the Cage's universe

  26. It will come to pass that classes will be held that study the plethora of Nicolas Cage movies and all his characters

  27. nossa……tem cara de ser mais um daqueles filmes categoria c do nicolas…..vou nem perder tempo….

  28. So escape from New York with Nicolas Cage. Ok.

  29. Studio: "Nic we have a movie…"
    Nic: "Sounds good. Let's do it."


  31. I'm not sure why anyone is praising his acting or his movie choices, he's an Oscar winner ffs. His movies are sh#t and his shoe pollished chair and dew look horrible. I used to love his movies and actually been to his house for a party so I do know him a little, thanks to my sister. He went belly up with his finances and he is taking these crap rolls because the real Hollywood won't cast him.

  32. Only one shirt word = WOW!

  33. Modern cinema – No one has ever gone full Nicolas Cage.

    This movie – hold my beer

  34. i watched only half i didnt like it-Nicolas Cage worth more

  35. this movie is based on a real nicolas cage's wet dream

  36. Omg I can't stand it anymore!!! He was an A list actor who I heard went bankrupt. Now all he does is cheesy, low budget B movies. Ughhh a top A list actor gets $20 million a movie. Why would he sell out? These movies all now suck!

  37. Cage beard makes him look younger

  38. So this is a different take on Escape from New York and Nicholas Cage is the new Snake Plisken or that was what I thought of immediately while watching this.

  39. I love nicolas cage from the ghost rider but scooby doo prn parody makes more sense than this

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