P!nk – So What (Official Video)

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I guess I just lost my husband,
I don’t know where he went,
So I’m gonna drink my money,
I’m not gonna pay his rent (nope),
I got a brand new attitude and
I’m gonna wear it tonight,
I wanna get in trouble,
I wanna start a fight,

Na na na na na na na I wanna start a fight,
Na na na na na na na I wanna start a fight.

So, so what
I’m still a rock star,
I got my rock moves,
And I don’t need you,
And guess what,
I’m having more fun,
And now that we’re done,
I’m gonna show you tonight,
I’m alright,
I’m just fine,
And you’re a tool,
So, so what,
I am a rock star,
I got my rock moves,
And I don’t want you tonight”


  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. さいしょほんとにタトゥーしてるかもォ〜

  3. This song is so much fun. I hope they play it at the club this weekend

  4. I was 7 when this song played on the Radio in 2008, now 14 years later I'm 21 and I'm glad I grew up with Pink.

  5. Pink: So What
    Release Date: August 11th, 2008 (14 years)

  6. Anyone listening this masterpiece in 2022?
    "I'm gonna star a fight 😏"

  7. Mag deine Musik sehr. Du bist echt super.

  8. No modelo OSI, a camada de sessão controla as conexões entre computadores.

  9. Well i can do the same just dont get mad lol

  10. are you Freaking kidding me all she's trying to do is be a rockass but she's a Fake

  11. P!nk-So What(Official Video)

  12. 20 years veterency usmc retired general banaga "you two break it up!"- and tell them I started it.

  13. The same pink who cried when her bungee harness softly knocked her off stage a few feet wants to fight. Ok.

  14. ピンクは変わった車で合唱ゥ〜

  15. The fact I remember this song being on just dance and I felt so free listening and dancing to it miss those days

  16. I love your music 🎵🎵💕

  17. Ugg in love with Pink and she don't even know it lol

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