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Playing House – Frances Mackenzie is a Canadian junior copy editor in New York, but lands the account of her favorite author, Michael Tate, who finds her honesty fascinating. Just after her boyfriend Calvin Puddie started a six month tour as a jazz musician, she learns to be pregnant. Having neglected to prolong her visa, Frannie is stuck with her parents in Canada after a visit. Just when she started to despair, Calvin returns and proves a wonderfully supportive father, both before and after the birth of their son, but leaves when she fails to affirm being in love…

Stars: Joanne Kelly, Lucas Bryant, Colin Ferguson

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  1. What is the name of the song and artist in the clip when he is leaving her

  2. I am an hour into this movie and she hasn’t nursed, nor fed her baby once. No wonder she doesn’t feel connected to her baby.

  3. No..
    It's marriage first…
    That's part of the reason we are all do messed up now.
    Good Told us how to live…
    That's why we're all running around like a bunch of " chickens with our heads cut off.🙏

  4. At 50:00 this movie got really stupid.

  5. sweet and cuddly thank you for the entertainment

  6. Oh my God I really really loved this movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. It was sogood and the babie was so sweet need to watch it all

  8. She's just like a lot of young women. Get drunk, get stupid, get pregnant

  9. This movie reminds me of my story with my now husband. We had a very similar situation. Love this movie!!!!! Such a GREAT movie!!!

  10. Sweet movie, postpartum depression, supportive dad, cute baby, watch!

  11. Lovely movie very good end 😍

  12. After the realism of having a newborn, it is unfortunate that this film perpetuates the false notion that having post-natal depression is just being selfishly moody. Of course, all a woman has to do is drag herself out of bed and just get on with being a good mother. NOT. Of course her mother, a mental health professional, wouldn't seek support for her own daughter after months of despondency and disconnection. NOT. There, all realism ended.

    This was a perfect opportunity to be educational through storytelling and help promote understanding of post-natal depression, rather than perpetuate the myths that do not help at all.

    Woman can't live up to this fantasy of 'snapping out of it' and instantly bonding with their baby, and so are judged for it. Supportive relationships can end, making it even more extraordinarily difficult.

    Understanding is needed most. Not this fantasy nonsense perpetuated.

  13. I soooooo loved this movie🥰🥰. It's a must watch.

  14. Where did Calvin get the money for that elaborate display? His musical and vocal ability leave a lot to be desired.

  15. If she’s in Canada, why at 33:07 is there an American flag flying at her ranch??

  16. when she got it…did she want it?.



  17. poor bloke..I don't reckon he had a clue she had aspirations to get with the successful writer and not the struggling musician.
    Typical of evasive mujeres
    The truth will out…surely.
    ….and it's gonna hurt.

  18. The boy returned looking like a discount Tom Cruise

  19. unbelievable how the brother was around the table.
    Nobody grows up that nasty.

  20. I didn't appreciate the lie around 2mins in that you can make a springbok grass rake sound even vaguely like a tuned thumb piano…I know it was meant to be a comedic moment but not because it wouldn't have worked.
    A disappointing insight into the writer's vapid brain…oh well I'll give it 15 minutes.

  21. I cried. Thank you for this beautiful story.

  22. Why is this movie soooo Perfect? Because of perfect casting, story, performance, and the experienced movie director! Thanks for such a great time I spent watching this movie

  23. "But the truth is," and I quote, "Being a MOTHER IS THE HARDEST JOB there is. It never really stops being hard, but it never really stops being WoNdErFuL……AND THAT IS THE DEAL❣🤱

  24. That was so good!! Yes it was chicky flicky, but there is so much truth in this whole story. ALL the confusion in emotions, and what women can and do feel like after having a baby. Take some notes fellas…. it will only make you wiser.

  25. This movie was great!♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  26. I love this movie made me cry at the end for happy tears not sad tears and I love her laugh so much it's good to hear somebody laugh

  27. Not a comedy. She is just very selfish. I didn't enjoy watching this.

  28. Such a cute movie, nice happy ending.

  29. What a self absorbed, immature ‘woman’ she is. This Isn’t ‘all about you!’ You made ‘adult’ decisions to have sex, and your child is the end result. You are destroying your patient husband, who actually connects with your child, your actions will definitely, if continued, detrimentally impact your child. Grow Up and be the Adult Your child needs you to be. I’m not even into the middle of this movie yet, but to portray women who have just given birth to be portrayed as ‘weak’ and unable to deal with motherhood is an absolute Insult.

  30. Very nice movie I enjoyed it very much
    It’s worth to watch it

  31. Anniemarr . Playing House, i am rather disappointed the music is louder than a lot of the talking. So i doubt If I will be watching it again, sorry.

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