Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind

Music video by Pet Shop Boys performing Always On My Mind (2003 Digital Remaster).


  1. Its 2022 and still Rocks 🎉

  2. Geez what an absolute work of art this video is. Watched it many times over the years, and I just now noticed our protagonist passenger in the back, the wonderful actor Joss Ackland, is hunching his shoulders to the beat at 2:00!!! 😀 What a joyful, beautiful, brilliant piece this is.

  3. The old man in the car is Joss Ackland, who also played the role of Arjen 'Aryan' Rudd in Lethal Weapon 2

  4. Emigrate feat Lindemann brings me here

  5. Was the opening scene from a movie or filmed just for this music video?

  6. powerful analog synths of 80s rock

  7. Reading the Bible, in the table! Enemies at my other table see her yea Ariana and tess but who is she doing the get the look

  8. Why am I now only noticing that Barbara Windsor is in this video?

  9. He is my favourite actor… Thanks

  10. Another great song and video, from the brilliant very talented pet shop boys. Bring back the 80s ♥️.

  11. I cahn't read in two languages.

  12. This really moves me. It makes me think of Sally the woman I wanted to marry.

  13. Yall are high af if you think this is better than Elvis and Willie

  14. tarumlüg rutangisnetauq Programmierer der Master K. I.

  15. vim aqui depois do filme do Elvis e to pensando aqui q esse senhor n é empresário do Elvis q ja está querendo explorar os meninos do Pet shop boys=/


  17. 2022 and this song is still a banger

  18. One of the MOST beautiful songs I ever heard in my 48 years old!!! Two great artists!!!

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