Paycheck (2003) – Laboratory Beatdown Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

Paycheck – Laboratory Beatdown: Jennings (Ben Affleck) and Rachel (Uma Thurman) take down thugs in a laboratory.

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Michael Jennings (Ben Affleck) is a top-notch reverse engineer. Corporations pay him to crack the secrets of their competitors’ products. When the job is done, he has his memory of it erased. Rethrick (Aaron Eckhart), head of a company called Allcom, hires Jennings to reverse-engineer a secret government device. After the job, Jennings wakes from the memory erasure to find himself being chased by various agencies. He soon realizes that the fate of the entire world may be in his hands.

TM & © Paramount (2003)
Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Ben Affleck, Colm Feore, Uma Thurman
Director: John Woo

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  1. This movie reminds me of Chain Reaction

  2. If Ben Affleck finds out, I don’t want to get involved and This is the most dangerous film that I ever seen this intense before.

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. That's the awesomeness cyberpunk techno action film ever

  5. From the author of Minority Report, Total Recall and Blade Runner. and from the director of Hard Boiled, Broken Arrow, Red Cliff, Face/Off, Mission: Impossible 2, Reign of Assassins, Hard Target, Windtalkers, Blackjack and Manhunt.

  6. @Movieclips, I love that movie keep up the work. U should do:

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  10. dababada when the beat drop (beat drop)

  11. A real fun movie that I will never get tired of, even once

  12. This is possibly the most contrived fight scene I've ever seen

  13. This video is soooooooooooooooooo good

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