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Past Obsessions – A woman fakes her own death to escape from her abusive husband, but her peaceful new life is shattered when he discovers she’s alive.
2013. Stars: Josie Davis, David Millbern, Lochlyn Munro
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  1. It seems like women these days always choose money over real love. Id never abuse the women that i love.

  2. Whew I have never been abused and this is so triggering for me. I don't think I will make it to the end…

  3. Reminds me of the movie Sleeping With the Enemy.

  4. The actors are so full of fillers it should be dubbed the marshmallow faces get botox and false teeth.

  5. This reminds me of that movie with Julia Roberts "Sleeping with the Enemy".

  6. This guy is a perfect narcissist hes called an overt narcissist overt narcissist and that's what these guys do how do I know because I was one of these ladies in the movie and I know exactly what this is but I am so glad I'm out of that kind of relationship and if anybody else who got out of it praised to you

  7. This abuse is unbearable to watch, almost. I've never allowed someone to talk to me that way. Not without consequences . I guess some people just don't have that inner fire to stand up for themselves before it gets out of control.

  8. Men are so ridiculous. I am glad I have a good one

  9. I'm six minutes into this, and she needs to dump this fool.

  10. I needed to cut off all communication with my ex. Unfortunately, he's the father of my kid. It was ruining my self esteem and sanity. Sadly, my kid is in between this mess. Gladly, he's over 3 thousand miles away! Such a fucking narcissist bastard!!

  11. Most guys are ass holes. Especially the rich ones. So very hard to find a descent person these days. That guy even looks like a creepy criminal lmao!

  12. What the heck was that ending about, did she just imagine all that stuff happening, because her boyfriend called her Shane in the last scene in the coffee shop, I'm confused and disappointed, did not make any sense, bad writing, bad ending!

  13. Why did they chose an ugly actor to play this part when they got a beautiful actress . But this guy is gross and nasty looking . My Dog is handsome to compare to this actor.

  14. This movie is a remake of “Sleeping with the enemy” played by Julia Roberts. Good movie 🍿

  15. , J. H. B. , Bloomington
    Exactly like this

  16. Great movie. Thanks. Brings back lovely memories!!! Not. But great though.

  17. Good movie but wish they wouldn’t have used parts from “Sleeping with the Enemy”. Wishing they would have changed it up some more…i knew what the next scene was going to be before it came on!

  18. 😳 he sounds like Amber Heard…..

  19. Similar to "sleeping with the enemy".

  20. Beaten women are scared to leave and they have trauma bond the brain changes and u cant leave

  21. this movie should be titled: STEPFORD SPOUSES: all the plastic looks in these people…that dude's eyes are so ridiculous combined with eye makeup and blush, I can't watch this

  22. A poor version of an old movie."sleeping with the enemy" Yawn.

  23. Another movie pushing sexual perversion. Bye, bye.

  24. I literally can't watch this jerk !

  25. Been there. Excellent portrayal of what it is really like. They are really like that.I still struggle with PTSD from the severe violence and mental abuse I went through. This movie is very good.

  26. I guess the director couldn't find uglier couple for the movie. Gosh some people get really ugly and disgusting with Botox.

  27. I saw the painting and said wtf is that😭😭

  28. Bad knock off of “Sleeping With The Enemy.” The guy in this one is just a stupid jerk. The guy in the other one was a true monster.

  29. She is a biological male. Open your eyes, people. He might be a female, too.

  30. He’s very insecure very sick

  31. These films are all the same….the woman is pressured by a new man….and he is supposed to be the good guy in the movie so she shouldn't be so difficult. But in reality she has very good reasons to not trust a pushy man ever again.

  32. She left all kinds of clues…..that's kind of insane.

  33. Most of the dialogue is hard to hear. I have good hearing so it's not me. Why do almost all movies lately have whispering through the whole movie??

  34. You've got to be kidding with these commercials OFF

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