Ong Bak – Fight Club Scene

On a quest to recover the head of his villages beloved Buddha statue, hero Ting finds himself in an underground fight club. Though initially reluctant to get involved, he eventually steps in to protect a civilian, and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

Ong Bak © 2003 Sahamongkol Film International Co. Ltd.


  1. Cómo se llama la canción de 4:36 está épica

  2. To this day i have not seen this movie with subtitles and only guy ive understood is the australian guy.

  3. Always seemed weird that the toughest fighter at the club is just a guy that doesn't care about property damage.

  4. Эххх вернуть бы тевремена когда тебе 15, впервые смотришь этот фильм и ничего больше не надо.

  5. That's why u doint mess with martial arts because u will get your ass whooped

  6. He slapped him , but with his foot . Amazing 4:34

  7. 10:12 that little close up of Jaa’s face as he approaches always gets me hyped.

  8. Soooper Fight 😉😉😉💪💪💪💪

  9. This scene naver be old. Love from bangladesh

  10. 7:41 is this one of the best scenes ever? Looks dammn smoooth.

  11. that awesome fight nice idol tony jaa

  12. Hanuman visit lanka🤩🇮🇳🇮🇳

  13. He had no choice but to fight or get shot that's not right

  14. Cómo se llama la música cuando pelea contra Toshiro

  15. Bao giờ điện ảnh võ thuật VN đạt được trình độ này đây

  16. 10 million he must be nice ,
    Meanwhile Mad Dog: I don't know how to fight so I'll just throw random things at him 9:33

  17. In last fight owner of bar becomes bankrupt because figher destroyed everything present there

  18. Mad Dog fights with the same style of my ex gf…

  19. You shouldn't mess with John Wick dog and Tony Jaa's elephants.

  20. Sangat hebat jurus muai tai.pukulanya keras bertenaga

  21. The best fight of tony jaa..

  22. 8:43 He was such an annoying little prick!
    That kick was perfect

  23. I believe it was the Filipinos of Mindanao who first developed the Refrigerator-Fist style in the early 18th century. Of course, the refrigerators were much smaller back then.

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