One of the best REVENGE scenes in cinema history

This video is from the movie “Sicario” (2015) Director: Denis Villeneuve


  1. See one thing that ticks me is that he just killed him immediately afterwards, it just doesn’t make sense to me. If he wanted him to suffer to the utmost, he would’ve just killed them and left him to mourn.

  2. It wasn't personal

    Joker: Very poor choice of words

  3. Fuck yes sicario is the best movie ever made

  4. “Para mi si”

    Pretty much sums this all up

  5. I would have done the same. Especially when the shit happened to me before.
    If I got the chance, I would kill their kid and wife and let them feel the pain I feel.
    I wouldn’t kill him until I’m sick and tired of hearing him feel sorry for himself.
    Then that is when the fun begins for me.

  6. This is definitely the best revenge scene EVER MADE.
    I can't think of any scene better.
    That scene in Law Abiding Citizen is a close 2nd.
    Denzel Washington killing those Russian pimps in "The Equalizer" was great.
    Michael Corleone looking at the top of Fredo's head(while he was hugging him)then looking over at his body guard with that disgusted look at their mothers funeral was a good scene as was Carlo, being questioned and then killed for setting up Sonny.
    Robert Deniro killing waingro in the hotel room in "Heat"

    Honorable Mention:
    Of course this isn't a movie but this TV scene was so bad ass I have to mention it.
    Arya Stark poisoning Walder Frey's entire family then slicing his throat in Game of Thrones as revenge for the Red Wedding.

  7. “Best revenge”…. Only in a world ever more corrupt

  8. Better option would have been, to tell him after he killed his family "now live with the pain of those who you left alive, who are unable to do anything about their lost of their family" and to kill himself at the end. Let him suffer through life knowing that his sins will follow him for the rest of his life.

  9. I think we deserve a film of what happen between this guy and that cruel crime boss

  10. Ik he killed your kids but Jesus u never do the same thing back to him like those kids were innocent ffs and ik yours were but still just shoot him

  11. This isn’t complete revenge. He didn’t finish the job yet. The real murderer, the shot caller, is still alive.

  12. There are other ways to put food on the table instead of killing a man’s wife and daughter.

  13. * Does as he's told goes back to eating
    " Fawk eet . I'll get a new familee anywhays pendejo"

  14. Guy who has seen 2 films, "bro best scene ever ".

  15. Damn guy killed wife and Kids and just waited before Killing Hum to taste the pain in his eyes
    That is fucked up


  17. I think it would have been better if he left him alive, to make him feel how he feels.

  18. I’ve seen hate in the comments a few times. That wasn’t hate that was something we have no word for

  19. Great acting honestly from the dude he killing especially when the family are killed

  20. Would be more crazy if he didn’t kil him

  21. In the perspective of the family this guy came out from the darkness, he just came out of the void like literal death coming for them.

  22. I liked him more when he was in that tub in Las Vegas in his suit and on acid.

  23. That's the kid from breaking bad who got poisoned by Walt.

  24. I grew up in El Paso during the 2000s, back when Juarez Mexico was the murder capital of the world (in some ways it still is), and I remember seeing the kids I grew up with come to school in terror because they grew up in, or spent a lot of their time going between cities, crossing the border almost (and some probably did) daily.

    I remember living with the fear that the crime was going to spill out into the city any day, and feeling like we were being ignored by the rest of Texas and the world. And fast forward and I saw this movie when it came out when I was in high school and I remember the applause that the theater gave when Alejandro kills the cartel guy, how happy I felt during the end of this scene, it felt amazing knowing that they depicted what so many people wanted to do themselves in a cold, calculating, manner.

    Love this movie

  25. Is that Brock from Breaking Bad?

  26. Needed a cigarette after that one

  27. Good? Sure. One of the best in the history of cinema? Not really kid, talk about being ridiculously hyperbole 😂

  28. Love when he blows the kids brains out. They were gonna be drug dealers anyway.

  29. You need to see more movies man

  30. Can we appreciate the fact that the director and studio had the balls to do this scene. I feel like in 99.99999% of movies, he would not have killed the family.

  31. 1:57 the wife knew she should've got a divorce, took the kids and run. 😔😔😔

  32. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  33. Jesus loves you and died for you because your a sinner who’s condemned to hell accept him and repent of your sins to get to heaven He’s the only way. I hope you have a good day or morning or afternoon where ever you may be and God bless you take care

  34. 2:49 the look of a man seeing things from the perspective of those he's ruined. fucking bliss

  35. An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind Mahatma Gandhi

  36. a guy calls 911 and tells the operator he was cleaning his gun when his wife startled him and the gun went off, hitting the wife.
    the operator asks" are you sure she is dead?"
    hold on says the man. the operator hears a loud bang and the man picks up the phone and says
    "yep she's definitely dead , what now?"

  37. this Latin actor just uses the fact that his facial features remind of Brad Pitt. How pathetic, instead of your own legacy simply abuse your likeness to a celebrity to get a part in a movie…

  38. this is wrong. he didnt need to shoot the kids. children are innocent. this is a BAD revenge.

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