Olivia Rodrigo – good 4 u (Official Video)

Listen to “good 4 u” out now: https://OliviaRodrigo.lnk.to/good4u

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Directed by Petra Collins
Starring Olivia Rodrigo

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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing good 4 u. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records



  1. I guess growing up she listen to Taylor & Avril too!

  2. Her: hears song on radio

    Me: she scooring hit for hit bc shes just so good

  3. The dude this songs about probably trembling in his boots

  4. its so good plus im having this jennifer's body vibes in the mv idkw

  5. Sub urban also enjoys fire spreading all around his room!

  6. What the heck? I turn my back for one minute and rock music sneaks back onto the charts? Excellent!

  7. I didn’t really like drivers license but I love deja by and good 4 u. Hope better ones are on the way


  9. y'all, olivia didn't "copy" paramore. obviously if this song is in the same genre as misery business then it will sound somewhat similar. its not even that alike and its very common for songs to sound the similar as there are only so many different notes and progressions.

  10. Aren't these the same cheerleading clothes the mean girl from Princess Diaries wore??

  11. good 4 u olivia good 4 u

  12. Mum: What do you learn from this.

    Me: Never break up with a singer

  13. Good for her at least she can express how she is feeling not like some other people

  14. 1:21 and 2:50 are my fav parts 😫 (but i love the whole songg)

  15. i’m addicted and waiting patiently for another song to be addicted to ~

  16. Miley cyrus disney rock

  17. i’m addicted and waiting patiently for another song from olivia to be addicted to

  18. At least 5 songs of Olivia Rodrigo about her break-up

  19. I am obsessed with this song🎶

  20. Paramore should send a cease and desist for ripping off misery business

  21. Is it just me or does she look like Jodi Arias? 🥶

  22. Gosh, this sounds like my kinda music from 2017-2018. So old. Reminds me of Avril Lavigne (not the fake one)

  23. This girl is soo talented like she's so pretty and n amazing singer

  24. Am I the only one looking for lyrics in the comments?-

  25. I don't now if I'm wrong for saying this but I feel like she is kinda for this generation what Avril Lavigne was for us Millenials Xd… she brings some of my high school memories ngl

  26. I dont like it sounds too much like a Disney movie song don't get the hype

  27. Olivia, you're my queen, do you know that?

  28. She looks like a little sister of Catriona Gray

  29. The responsible fir crucially flood because wind intraoperatively vanish outside a permissible soldier. icky, tired fear

  30. Just an odd thought, I think you'd look good with short hair

  31. Anyone here see Megan fox on her? Her movie of Jennifers body

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