OLD HENRY Official Trailer (2021)

First trailer for Old Henry starring Stephen Dorff, Tim Blake Nelson.


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  1. Such an amazing movie. I've watched it twice in the last two days.

  2. Buster Scruggs… but now he's old and pissed off…

  3. 10/10 A+ Holy balls this is an amazing film!

  4. Van Pelt from jumanji have is revench

  5. Yeah my grandpa who
    Raised me is same 😉 soon he will be back on earth !

  6. Looks like life happened to Buster Scruggs.

  7. TIM BLAKE NELSON! A truly gifted actor! All the others were also great. 😊

  8. The most under rated western in 50 years.

  9. Watched it last night an amazing movie. I'm in awe of both Tim Blake Nelson and Stephen Dorff. Two of the 10 best actors alive today in America.

  10. I've been waiting for Tim Blake Nelson to star in a movie!

  11. Great Movie 👍👍👍👍👍

  12. I was saying to a mate the other day that there isn't any good films made recently and I stumbled across this gem!

  13. Does anybody know the name of the song used in the Trailer?

  14. Not bad for a very low budget film, not bad at all 👍

  15. If you watched the whole trailer, theres no need to watch the movie… The whole story is revealed in this trailer. The movie was so boring because of it.

  16. Reminds me of a Western film version of A History of Violence.

  17. No, it's not not one of the greatest westerns of the decade, it's one of the greatest movies!

  18. Great movie. Its the twist that makes it so good.

  19. best movie i've seen in several years.

  20. The movie looks cool but the trailer is hella corny

  21. Western movies are one of the best franchises. It's sad that they abandoned it. It's like every 10 years a couple of westerns come out. Last great western movie that came out was magnificent seven in 2016

  22. Tim Blake Nelson really looks like billy the kid tho

  23. Well done. Well done.
    Very underrated movie casting everything.
    No queen teenagers lovers crisis .
    Just pure West feuds

  24. How is it that, I am only now hearing of this movie?
    Thank you Reel Recaps for recommending this!

  25. Wow what a movie. Stephan dourif and Tim Blake Nelson did awesome in this.

  26. An amazing movie! Loved every moment of it. Now in my top 10 movies.

  27. This was one of the greatest movies I've seen in a while

  28. No capes, no superpowers, no flying crafts…just good movie making..what a concept…

  29. The best movie I've seen in a looong time!!!

  30. "You Hoo" , I'll Make You Famous "

  31. Beautifully done! loved it

  32. Clint Eastwood would give this the tick of approval ..great movie

  33. This movie was so good and shocking and jacked up at the same time!!!

  34. Hell yeah. I like Tim Black Nelson as a bad ass.

  35. Got my blood pressure up just watchin' the trailer.

  36. This is how movies used to be made, and how they should be made today.

    Script. Characters. No special effects, and NO SUPER HEROS.

  37. Amazing movie, really enjoyed it… the ending…stunning👏

  38. Ol Buster Scruggs after he retired?
    I thought he got a bullet between the eyes?
    👁️ 💥 👁️

  39. I've always loved westerns (Pale Rider, anyone?) Would love to see this one.

  40. What a movie! Knew nothing about it before deciding to watch it on Netflix. The twist at the end blew me away, great movie!

  41. Hell yah! Just finished watching this👏🏼 That twist towards the end blew me out my socks 🧦 Great flick guys.. Watch it

  42. Love this movie. Over and over . Great actors. Love the son.. Make another movie soon. Watching now.

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