Nsync – Tearin Up My Heart

Tearin Up My Heart

Lead Vocals
Justin Timberlake & JC Chasez



  1. I Had 2 CD'S Cause I Melted One Playing It Too Much..

  2. I wish I grew up in a time where music like this was popular

  3. I love this song and 90s forever 💖💖💖

  4. So pure and innocent lyrics were once upon a time. Nowadays just f..k, a.s, t..s, shake, twerk, bla bla bla…. How lucky were we born and grow up these years…

  5. I listened to this song all summer long 2017 now it sounds like it’s from 2017 so is music evolution an illusion

  6. Anyone else in 2020 blast this?

  7. Anyone else here on a nostalgic ride caused by The Circle S2?

  8. I remember when boy bands exploded in the 90’s. It felt so good not having to force myself to listen to my parents’ music like it’s the only thing to listen to. I mean Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses are nice but with NSYNC, it just felt that I like the music because I genuinely do.

  9. Jc carrried and was this group vocally he was superior to jt

  10. This is my childhood anthem!!!

  11. Comments: 4,5,6 year ago

  12. I am Puerto Rican and wrote music I don't care what they said this songs is ok 💪🏻🎼🇵🇷

  13. P.klklkklkdddfdscsczcfctfwfwgrwfavgvfff.ñ

  14. And I bet there are a lot of single mothers running around cause they got knocked up to this 😁 girls gave me up cause I was doing my exams became a pilot they all ended up banging druggies

  15. This is such a pretty song! Timeless and never gets old.

  16. Whew, my high school days! I will always love NSYNC

  17. My teacher played this in class like every day

  18. YouTube is the closest thing we have to a time mishean

  19. I still think of Shrek and Hitler when I hear. I give up man

  20. Ahh the late 90s pop, so u forgettable.

  21. fucking banger , jamming hard to this !

  22. 2021 to early 2000's, grab ya tickets 🎟😎🙌

  23. I'm here because SomeBlackGuy did an awesome cover with Jonathan Young.

  24. How come all these comments are 5-7 years old???

  25. Devilartemis brought me here.

  26. Jamming out at 430 am cuz covid and remote learning has my schedule all messed up.

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