No Doubt – Don’t Speak (Official 4K Music Video)

No Doubt’s official music video for Don’t Speak (C) 2003 Interscope Records
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  1. At around 3:44/45 , when she drops her eyes, they had a look of sadness in so much that she wasn't acting. Idk.

  2. Min 00:55, esa levantada de ceja del bajista que??

  3. They've now bitten into the apple of sodomy .. as Adam and Eve being in the music industry can never go back

  4. Great time capsule of the 90s

  5. Alguien mas que le deprima esta cancion por no tener mejores amigo v':

  6. Gwen looks like Madonna here.

  7. Funny how some of the best singers sing barefooted.

  8. Man this song could not be any more truer to the future of Gwen’s career, back then she didn’t realize her career was going towards being a solo act, which this song is portraying, with her band mates feeling betrayed, and she didn’t want to hear their negativity of it focusing on her

  9. Lives have been hurt by this.

  10. Makes me feel young again 🥰!

  11. It's the "hush hush darling" for me 😭

  12. “Don’t speak” kısmını “tosbik” diye söylüyorum 🙂

  13. Born in the 1960s and came of age in the 1970s and listened to a lot of good music and this is one of my favorite tunes. Love it. Best song of the 1990s.

  14. Tremenda canción, una Obra de Arte!

  15. Dedicated to the siblings. …….

  16. check for jimmie northern knew and rachel prue and stuff so yeah brandon hildabratt.

  17. This song plays all the time in our car when we go to my parents house, now it makes me miss them so much since they passed away January 2021 🙁

  18. This song reminds me of High School. Sophomore year to be exact. What a ride it was. It’s crazy looking back on those times that you never thought would end and now you just wish they would somehow begin again. Life is fleeting……enjoy the special moments.#90’sKid #GenX #noDoubt🔥

  19. 1995-2021 this song is still amazing

  20. I’m 60 years old and this is one of the best voices I’ve heard in music. 🥊Coach Mando from the Alamo City.

  21. Me acuerdo que mi profesora nos enseño está canción en mi enseñanza básica siempre que la escucho me acuerdo de ella

  22. Search here for (Rockcandy Live In Toronto 1988) featuring singer song writer Jose Anes!! Enjoy the show!!!

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