Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:
0:05 – COME AWAY (2020) Angelina Jolie
2:20 – WENDY (2020) Peter Pan Movie
4:19 – VALHALLA (2020) Thor, Vikings Movie
5:57 – JUNGLE CRUISE (2021) Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt
7:51 – PINOCCHIO (2020) Live-Action Movie
9:45 – THE SECRET GARDEN (2020)
12:02 – COMA (2020)
14:10 – MORTAL (2020)
16:11 – THE IRON MASK (2020) Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger
17:51 – SHADOW IN THE CLOUD (2021) Chloe Grace Moretz
20:00 – RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON (2021) Disney
21:57 – LOKI (2021) Disney+ Series
24:37 – ARTEMIS FOWL (2020)
26:54 – MULAN (2020)
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  1. "All children grow up." That might be the hardest thing I ever heard as a parent.

  2. Welp the white people sure came out in this comment section 😂

  3. Hey does anyone one know if the picture on this video is a movie if so can you tell me the name of it

  4. No thanks on the woke Alice and Peter Pan

  5. this is how they suck you in

  6. hmmm…next year ya'all gonna see santa claus with Difference race

  7. apart from loki maybe but ya never know anymore these days with films

  8. I'm all good with diversity. But when we start rewriting or classics we are taking away the history, meaning and culture. This is not true diversity, this is political correctness just to fulfill one's greed.

  9. Come Away…meh. Lets mesh Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Surprised they didn't switch gender and call it Alex and Petra Wonderful Lost Children in Neverland. What they couldn't find Asian or Latin leads

  10. Peter Pan and Alice are black when are they going to do the Spanish version Mexican Peter Pan Mexican Alice I'm going to Chinese Peter Pan and then a Chinese Alice what the f*** is going on here

  11. Anyone know the movie from the thumbnail?

  12. Some clowns have to make their presence known I dont know why but I will never watch that movie our lady.

  13. Ciao piccola amica. Bedduzza.

  14. Wow, The Iron Mask has like mobile game level CGI, lmao.

  15. Ah, I already know I can't watch The Secret Garden, I can already tell the story will be that the grumpy uncle is only like that because his wife died so he's depressed, and that will just make me depressed…

  16. "New Movies" Seriously? Mulan released Sep 2020, Artemis Fowl June 2020, The Iron Mask Aug 2020. How does this channel have over 1.5 Mil subs if it misleads viewers like this?

  17. anyone see the thumb pic of the thang the conquerer or what ever his name is…i bet they will make him black also lol…god everything is being blackwashed

  18. it works both ways…can we make a black panther movie with a place where all the smart people are non blacks and the only bad man in the mvoie is a black person?? oh ya and the main best hero is a white person…

  19. ROFL all this blackwash makes me laugh

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