Neutropia: The Fantasy World (Award Winning Short Film)

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Prequel webtoon series out now:

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The story takes place in “Neutropia” a portal world which connects the Solar System to another constellation of stars in our Galaxy called the “System of Elements” with what people from their world call white holes. “Neutropia” only houses one unorthodox planet “Neutropia”. Upon this piece of land resides “Zt Aeryies Castle” where an inauguration is underway as they welcome in their new princess and soon to be Queen “Zyriah”. Unlike their previous queens who come from royalty, Zyriah and her sister Azaria are orphans who come from nothing. Creatures of all assortments walk this planet. From the elves and swamp monsters of the Woodland Region to the mermaids and kraken of the Aquaterrian Region. All eyes are on the soon to be queen so the road toward establishing herself as the new leader of this world won’t be an easy one.

Huge thanks and love to the hardworking and amazing cast & crew for working together to help create this final product. Find everyone who had a hand in this project on the “NEUTROPIA” IMDB page:



  1. Some of the short films on Youtube are fantastic and manage to be compelling despite low budgets. This however wasn't one of them. Honestly, I thought it was dreadful.
    The entire film was exposition, right up to the very last scene. I really felt sorry for the actors, who weren't bad but had to continually deliver terrible lines to each other for our benefit.
    People don't talk like that to each other. That shows the script writer was out of ideas after thirteen long minutes of narration (a third of the film) and had to continue telling us what was happening by making the actors tell us the story, really awkwardly. If you can't layout the plot in the opening scenes, you need to start again.
    Whoever thought, "I was scared shitless", was a good line for a fantasy film needs shooting.
    Aside from women in leading roles and men being effeminate, I can't imagine how this won awards.

  2. Foreign fantasy planet, & there's a Roman numeral clock, an aggressive man speaking in an Irish/Gaelic accent, and the "princess" saying "you had me scared sh*tless", aka modern American profanities. Oh, & everyone speaks English, even though they're supposedly Fairies, pixies, etc. Also, the upside down pyramidal planet, doesn't look big enough to support a civilization. Also, strangely, the plant & animal life, are synonymous of those on Earth. Sadly, all those take away from the believability of the story.

  3. A peoples advanced enough to build an artificial world, Using primitive weapons. Hummm. Well that's 22 minutes i'll never get back.

  4. If anyone is looking to continue their Neutropia journey, there's currently a prequel series releasing now @

  5. Why is the whole kingdom guarded by one milktoast and one guy so desperate to act he will walk around with a coffee can on his head? Next time, hire a decent writer, this is like throwing confetti on an outhouse!

  6. interesting first for all no doubt, a lot to be learnt from in it, pertaining to film making.

  7. WHY DO YOU LEAVE ME HANGING???this movie is just too cute!

  8. Why can create a planet and an orb to control their entire planet but they still use swords? Lol

  9. The oldest sister sounds like Hillary Duff from Lizzy McGuire in my opinion. Anyone else?

  10. Please say you're working on a part 2 ?? The girl that played the queen, did such a great job!

  11. this reminds me of a bbc version of lord of the rings with better special effects and story lines.

  12. Fantastic! Please, that there's more coming!

  13. If the water is red why is the snow white ?

  14. Min. 30 thru 31:20 …I was freaked ? Creept out. Well done transition to present. Christmas was never so cosmic!

  15. How a great artist and costumes and acting


  17. yes please i want to see what happens next uuuuggghh

  18. Short film but its almost 1 hour

  19. This is beautiful fantasy. I really can't wait to see more!

  20. Make up was nice, acting not too bad,

  21. You did a good job, guys 🙂 I hope yo make something as good someday 🙂

  22. Great plot and interesting story. The acting was a bit dull but overall I'm interested in seeing more.

  23. Please!!! Don't leave us hanging like this!!! Gods do what ever it takes to get the budget to make a full length movie of this!!!😢😨😩

  24. I loved it! Every magical second of it! But I must have MORE please! Beautifully done, and the sfx were spectacular! Would LOVE a series!

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