Neutropia: The Fantasy World (Award Winning Short Film)

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The story takes place in “Neutropia” a portal world which connects the Solar System to another constellation of stars in our Galaxy called the “System of Elements” with what people from their world call white holes. “Neutropia” only houses one unorthodox planet “Neutropia”. Upon this piece of land resides “Zt Aeryies Castle” where an inauguration is underway as they welcome in their new princess and soon to be Queen “Zyriah”. Unlike their previous queens who come from royalty, Zyriah and her sister Azaria are orphans who come from nothing. Creatures of all assortments walk this planet. From the elves and swamp monsters of the Woodland Region to the mermaids and kraken of the Aquaterrian Region. All eyes are on the soon to be queen so the road toward establishing herself as the new leader of this world won’t be an easy one.

Huge thanks and love to the hardworking and amazing cast & crew for working together to help create this final product. Find everyone who had a hand in this project on the “NEUTROPIA” IMDB page:



  1. Please say you're working on a part 2 ?? The girl that played the queen, did such a great job!

  2. They need to make a real movie out of this…….. this is really really good I'm going to post it to my Facebook.. To everyone involved in making this videos you did an excellent job in every way

  3. I was trying to look for something new and different to watch on YouTube cuz I watch YouTube a lot and I mean a lot and I accidentally ran into these films and I love this one this is the first one I have watched so far and I think they ought to make a movie out of this ….seriously this would be a great movie I bet millions of people would watch it too whoever did this did an excellent job and the actors and actresses did a really really good job acting

  4. this reminds me of a bbc version of lord of the rings with better special effects and story lines.

  5. Fantastic! Please, that there's more coming!

  6. If the water is red why is the snow white ?

  7. Min. 30 thru 31:20 …I was freaked ? Creept out. Well done transition to present. Christmas was never so cosmic!

  8. How a great artist and costumes and acting


  10. yes please i want to see what happens next uuuuggghh

  11. Short film but its almost 1 hour

  12. This is beautiful fantasy. I really can't wait to see more!

  13. Make up was nice, acting not too bad,

  14. You did a good job, guys 🙂 I hope yo make something as good someday 🙂

  15. Great plot and interesting story. The acting was a bit dull but overall I'm interested in seeing more.

  16. Please!!! Don't leave us hanging like this!!! Gods do what ever it takes to get the budget to make a full length movie of this!!!😢😨😩

  17. I loved it! Every magical second of it! But I must have MORE please! Beautifully done, and the sfx were spectacular! Would LOVE a series!

  18. Nice…wonder what life on earth would be like if water was red

  19. That was bad azz !!! I thank you !!! Loved it !!! Yuppers !!! 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 , Start TA Fin >>> PopCorn 🍿 get your popcorn 🍿 here <<<

  20. That was really bad, the whole thing was awful and a waste of precious time

  21. I could watch this as a movie

  22. How in the world of YouTube . Known for its nefarious comments did this piece of work only receive the most positive and supportive feedback? It's suspect

  23. – I loved this idea!. Would make a great series! Some of the acting was a bit… amateur, but the commitment to the storyline made it easy to ignore.
    Well done and please make more!!

  24. the begging was al good and stuff but this movie is for sure just the pt1….we need the rest(well i do)

  25. Why take so long to build up the characters only to kill them off right away?

  26. Please make a part 2 and this deserves to be on Netflix 💖

  27. Them saying that Earth destroying itself and is functional
    Me: 😂😂😂 we are destroying ourself but we are not functional, we are broken but ok 😂😂

  28. Costumes, scenery and storyline outstanding. Could see this idea taking off as a series on Netflix or similar. I know Id watch it. Also let me say that whoever gave the thumbs down .. What have you done to contribute to the fantasy movie genre? .. silence? .. I thought so. Keep them coming SNI.

  29. I will be binge watching everything you have to offer SNI. New subscriber here. Much love and thanks from QLD Australia

  30. Fantastic film. BRAVO!! 👏👏👏👏!❤

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