1. This beat is SO addicting, I just listened to this for 30 minutes straight

  2. Pov: vim pelo tiktok,KKKKKKKK amo🗣

  3. pov:você veio pelo remix de "motive x promíscuos" KKKKKKKKK,que pena que eu fui saber dessa em 2021,queria ter nascido na época do sucesso,kkk.

  4. a nelly furtado tinha as músicas mais bem produzidas dos anos 2000, que saudade da minha infância quando ela não saia das rádios…

  5. Why did my mom show me this song 😂

  6. esto es una bomba en tik tok en 2021

  7. this song is legend.
    It wouldn't die.

  8. The song is wounderful, but i didnt like The vídeo

  9. Who have tried to find this song long time like I have? I've found title on Tik Tok.

  10. Love this song this song explains me so much

  11. i came up searching for this song thinking it was boss bitch n motive by ariana n doja(how sad)

  12. searches this song randomly……….listens to it ten times. This is just one of those songs you cant listen to without repeating it at least once. And do i see a young Justin Timberlake? Did anyone else notice that?

  13. Dude…I was 15 when this came out…god I feel old

  14. Imagine that in This generation a feminist will find this offensive

  15. If you're listening in 2060, you're a legend🔥

  16. This song was released 2006!? Man Nelly really ruled the 2000s

  17. Soundtrack ps1 wining eleven

  18. So this song was number one the day I was born dam 😅

  19. Love this song come out when i was 20 had some bloody good times back then young soldier getting pissed nearly every day back then if i wasn't deployed what i would do for a tradis lol

  20. “Is ya game MVP like Steve Nash” fuckkkkkk I’m gettin old y’all 🥺🥲🤣

  21. This is literally people flirting for 4:03.


  22. 2021 and Nelly is still dumb hot 🥵

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