Mysterious Virus Turns The Infected Into Zombies With a Superhuman Strength

After witnessing strange events a young man must overcome his fears in order to survive a widespread virus that turns people into zombies.

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  1. I know name called: I am hero, movie

  2. What a bullshit movies these days

  3. Mindless zombies…running on autopilot…incapable of rational thought…with no cure. Wow, sounds a lot like most regular people in the States these days!

  4. This is like tanjiro and nezuko type bond

  5. 9:50

    bro, this zombie will give me nightmares

  6. Did all that and still dont think hes a hero wow tough critic

  7. 4:45 is a shotgun part of a rifle family?

  8. lol ha looks like the filipino tiktoker named tyrone

  9. good thing he has Hershel's shotgun with infinite rounds.

  10. Zombie construction majima at 7:51!!!! It's even missing an eye!

  11. You missed a part about the bite

  12. And even the prime minister.
    How ironic

  13. Olivia and Pinocchio are falling in love and best friends forever and ever

  14. suzuki made some good quads

  15. Even though shes underage what the fuck, man.

  16. In the manga hideo suffers from schizophrenia,idk if they included that in the movie tho

  17. Bruh what how ya think you no hero even doe you killed 100+ zombies

  18. I really thought Suzuki was gone… But naw that man had 10 rollex watches

  19. Demon slayer but zombie version

  20. Wish you'd put the name of the movie somewhere in the video… Like description and all that. It's kinda scummy practice, as it's basically clickbait. That's why I stopped watching ppl like Bluedrake 42.

    I mean, I know you won't change the Microsoft Sam voice…so least you can do is this.

  21. i like this movie! …recap

  22. basicly demon slayer but it is zombies

  23. "Luckily, he is wearing 10 Rolex watched on his wrist so the zombie doesn't accept him"


  24. She's not underage im pretty sure Japan's age of concentration is 12 and she's probably 16 to 17 also in England its fine age of concent is 16 in America Delaware 16 year old teenagers are able to have the dirty with people up to 26 if permission from the parents.

    I sound like a pedo but I'm really 13

  25. dude did a 1v 96 clutch after being noob for almost whole movie///

  26. Probs wont see this as i posted it way after upload but The movie reminded me of the series all of us are dead as someone who enjoyed the take on outbreaks and how viruses adapt the bandage was something Nam-ra did, had. i went back in upload and realised and was suprised they took such heavy inspiration from a 2015 movie espicially the super weaponising of zombies virus too thank u for doing this recap it nice to see the diversity you cover you have been someone that has distracted me from my grief and my chemo espicially when in hospital when i can not stream movies watching u grow has been a pleasure.

  27. why you do that we need zombie has a green skin not human skin

  28. This is literally a bootleg demon slayer and i love it不

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