My Biggest Fashion Fails | Hailey Rhode Bieber

Today, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting a few of my most cringe-worthy outfits over the years… what was I thinking?! Watch as I try to explain some of my biggest fashion fails – and leave a comment below if there are any other looks you’d like me to break down!


  1. I'm around her age and I think I looked just like that when I was 14 and my mom told me every day but I was so sure that I looked so great it's embarrassing 😂😂😂

  2. She really give a hillary duff likeable vibe. So nice to watch her videos.

  3. Am I the only one who loved the first outfit…? 😭

  4. I am a jeans, T-shirt, sweatshirt kind of person. I have no fashion sense. I thought she looked cute in all the outfits.

  5. Your fashion fail is you are q cardboard cut out and you are your dad's twin

  6. Hailey: É um crime sapato preto com vestido branco
    Hailey no met gala usando sapato preto com vestido branco: 🤡
    obs. No met ela tava divinamente maravilhosa
    Amoooo 💖

  7. No the third photo I think it’s good🤭🤍🤍🤍.

  8. Don’t care about The second photo because No one in 14th have a good outfit also me😭😭.

  9. So not true you are very cool

  10. Not her wearing a black shoe and all white dress to the met gala this year 😂😂😂

  11. when she says that black shoes to a white dress is a crime but it is what she wore to Met Gala this year 😀 I was actually thinking the same when I saw her, why black tights to a white dress????

  12. lol but she wore black shoes with an all white outfit at the met, still love her tho

  13. Wow Hailey u look soooooo adorable as a kid and i love ur style now!!

  14. I enjoy watching this lady❤❤

  15. You're tripping about the first fit. it is dope.

  16. pretty and she becomes an icon of fashion. Great job Hailey

  17. I love how humble and nice she is. She can wear anything and yet she said that her mom's hand-made costume was her best piece ever. She knows what's important.

  18. You’re hilarious! Love this video. Please recreate the Pokémon outfit!

  19. I’m so glad she’s with Justin. She’s so pretty and seems so genuine and sweet.

  20. Haley is a classic 90s true model – authentic beautiful and fun I’m all for it keep it up you are doing so great!!!!!!

  21. it's a great video , i really love it

  22. First outfit is fine with me. What’s wrooong with meeee haha

  23. Actually the most important thing is that you can find out your fails and you correct them, so you become a better designer. And your fails are amazing if you can find out them.Fails are made for success. Now you are the fashion icon. 🖤 and you develop your own life everyday 😉

  24. You are the most stylish person I ever so so don’t worry 😉

  25. to me she looks just fine in all – –

  26. damn u have such an amazing fashion sense

  27. Fashion fails?
    You're an icon!

  28. Tbvh i loved all of those outfits. Like idk how the heck you can even call those "fashion fails". Istg, anything MRS. HAILEY RHODE BALDWIN BIEBER wears, that fit automatically becomes fashion.

  29. First outfit was definitely cute 😍 just needed different shoes lol.

  30. Pastor said God not tell us how to be married

  31. I love ur voice it’s so cute 🥰 you remind me of my friends the way you talk .I love ur content too it’s 👍.

  32. Haha looks good on you anyways I thought you should know I've been meeting with your husband so that's why I'm so mad on his page too all over just thought you'd like to know that you are the second lady not his first but the second just glad😁that I cleared that space that's already in your head so I hope that you should know that you're a homewrecker and I want you to be moving on cuz I don't want the likes of you around okay and I'll make damn sure that happens so don't think it's a threat of the promise baby and I'll make it happen😅

  33. You are sweetest ❤️

  34. I love the first outfit noooo🥺😭

  35. When vogue doesn't invite you 🤣

  36. Lol I always thought that the white dress and her smokey eyes looked so stunning!

  37. You're so natural and cute. Thanks for showing us your real sides here.

  38. You are the cutest ❤😍

  39. You make a potato sac look beautiful.,Gorgeous ❣️

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