Murder On The Cape | Full Movie | Mystery Drama | Christa Worthington Case

Murder On The Cape – Based on the Christa Worthington case. An out of work fisherman has an affair with a fashion writer wintering on the Cape. She returns two years later with his child, and when she is murdered, the fisherman is the prime suspect.
2017. Stars: Jade Harlow, Josh Walther, Heather Egeli
**This film is under license from Vision Films Inc. All rights reserved**

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  1. Girls fault for throwing themselves to a married man

  2. This is Insane I just discovered this woman Christa Worthington was my 9th cousin! Such a sad ending to a wonderful life!

  3. замечательный фильм. Жаль, что преступник не был наказан. Однако фильмы без счастливой концовки побуждают к размышлению и разум тщится в поисках трансцендентного, в эмпиреях которого наказание неизбежно. Спасибо всем, кто работал над этой картиной.

  4. gee not enough commercials 😖

  5. Is there a part 2 to this movie? the ending sucked and this dude's wife was YUCK!

  6. The wife is horrible no wonder he cheated.

  7. I was expecting a murder mystery, not a melodrama about adultery and the vicissitudes of economics and poor job markets. Bailed at 25 minutes.

  8. What a great movie, enjoyed it.thanks

  9. WHAT??? they just walk into a major crime scene, take the baby, grab the car seat out of HER car and leave???? wtf!!!!

  10. 43 minutes in and I’m bored to tears. Slowest moving movie I started watching in years. I’m out of here.

  11. Not worth watching. Lousy writing, poor acting, bad ending. Don't waste yr time on this one.

  12. Thank you for all this movies;we enjoyed

  13. I don't have cable. sit with my little phone n watch something .. thanks for movie. more please. God bless us all.

  14. I almost cry sorry to Elizabeth 😢 it's kind of sad movie

  15. I think the husband did it. Obvious really

  16. Cheesey dialogue & acting. No resolution in the end. 👎

  17. My life to carry the loads of dear ones as these. Our father understands …sadness will pass to joyful tears when all is made right…you'll see !

  18. Looks like a hallmark kissy face movie.

  19. Just take someone's husband is evil.

  20. Finding it hard to understand the positive comments. This was such a boring movie. Only reason I made it through till the end was waiting cause by the time I realized I had already invested too much time in it. Bad acting, bad movie. Way too slow.

  21. Well done! The characters were believable and it was well acted. Great movie.

  22. Such a sad story. Good movie!!

  23. Great movie worth watching , nice twist in the plot

  24. Come on….
    A fisherman with a house like that. ????

  25. Not overly convinced the garbage man was the one whom killed Christa Worthington!
    the movie,is based on true story,yet failed to deliver the whole story.

  26. Good movie, thank you! Anyone know why they spread the baby clams along the shore?

  27. It had the feel of a film based on a true story with believable characters and the setting, sunsets etc, outstanding. The only weak spot in the story was why not look for the drugs in the car????

  28. How many of us know 1 or more people who are oblivious to what is going on ? Not preparing a damn thing ? That's the scary thing. This whole thing is like a pressure cooker with a bad seal !

  29. A guy thinking with his other head causes a cascade of problems. The cast did a nice job. The movie kept my attention all the way through. Well produced and well acted.

  30. That’s probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

  31. How can you foreget your baby in the car…. … 👎

  32. 👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤🇺🇾

  33. The wife is very real and not the usual Hollywood type.

  34. How can some heartless druggy do that to a person with child. That poor baby been in wet nappy and without a feed at least 8hrs. Why did she come back to that house? I thought she's leaving. No justice was done, didn't like the ending. His wife was kind enough to take the child, nice lady.

  35. The opening song it's really nice
    Wow what locations ..the see hug the harbour ..very nice movie indeed❤

  36. Has anyone else noticed that after showing " two years later " that 9 months for birth, leaving 15 months and their child appears to only be 6 months old ?

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