Murder On The Cape | 2017 Drama | Full Movie

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  1. Great cinematography of my favorite place in all the world, beautiful Cape Cod and Provincetown on Commercial Street.

  2. Glad i never have met such a stupid guy like Sammy , i know he was troubled but people like him are nothing but trouble. Lousy ending , without any conclusion.

  3. great movie, sorry they didnt catch the killer, mmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Really good movie, a few bad choices, forgiving ourselves so we can forgive others, a beautiful baby boy because of it.

  5. Well, that was not quite what I thought this movie was going to be. Honestly, it wasn't worth my time. This guy knew exactly what he was doing behind his wife's back. But the ending and how the "murder" happened had nothing to do with the entire first part of the story. Maybe it was based on a true story and for that I'm sorry, but it wasn't movie worthy.

  6. So no murder is found? Poor woman…. I noticed that The baby didn’t want Peter or Elizabeth. He only stopped rejecting until in mikes wife arms 🙂 Babies can not act yet , apparently two actors didn’t practice so much to be close to this baby actor 🙂

  7. Not movie why not killing criminal man ? And kill wrong
    Man kill 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  8. very tiring to watch…a trying hard drama…so predictable story

  9. women or men who do this are selfish and do not know how to care. i do not care how much emotion they say they feel ……
    i have no sympathy for cheaters – on either side of the divide.

  10. Left the dope in the car but goes into the house…..dumb writer. She pulls up and just sits in car and worries about baby just to leave him with his dead mother and also leaves the dope again that he will die for losing….🤣😂🤣

  11. Good movie:)💕👌✌️👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. So someone got away with murder.Just disappointed with no ending she was a mother after all she might of been the mistress but no one deserves to be killed and the killer get's free.

  13. Very nice and this movie will haunt me for long time to come !

  14. We are human and we are made mistakes and life aren’t perfect is up and down and if you mess with the wrong girl and you will be screwed and I hate when the girls like to break up the other family

  15. Thanks guys that was very nice one, barikiweni Sana

  16. Look like the woman was out to get him from the very start

  17. Is it necessary to be sex scene after every few minutes ? . I think American actors are not working without sex scene.

  18. Awesome story…thanks for sharing…

  19. A horribly lame story with the absolute worst acting I have ever seen !!!

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