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  1. I don't like such a long intro. The music is not very good

  2. This had a Hallmark Movie feel. Love and affair story. Who gets blamed for this? What happened to the duffel bag from the car? There's no butler so who did it?😁 Funny part when the guy got frostbite wearing heavy coat and Liz takes a shower outdoors naked😂

  3. This is not an accurate movie, there is an innocent man in jail named Chris… It's on 20/20 you should watch it I truly believe the wife and possibly her husband killed her, but not the poor guy who is still in jail… Hollywood should not be able to go soooooo far off script like this…

  4. Sad part he went to Henry she would leave him as well.

  5. She just wanted to have sex with alpha
    Then gets beta for the family part.

  6. The other man was just a fool for caring for another man's child.

  7. Single woman over 35 obviously she just wanted a baby.
    And would happily ruin many lives for it.
    True life.

  8. She looks so much like Kate Middleton

  9. Not worth watching, stupid script, crap actors

  10. The girlfriend doesn't get it, he is done with her, she's a problem for sure!

  11. Girlfriend getting pregnant was absolutely irresponsible on her part. She knows he is married with a family and not going anywhere with her. It's tragic for a child not to have both parents.

  12. watching from Philippines🇵🇭
    Murder On The Cafe..

  13. Why always blaspheme??? Why?

  14. As the old saying goes, The blood rushes from your head to the genitalia and ya don't think so well. Or a stiff one has no conscience. Anyway —– Looks like the Sheriff had a little income on the side —- Howzabout Carlos? Anyway great movie! I remember the good old days when you could fish and dig clams in the ocean/sound without a license. Somewhere along the line that all changed. The only thing constant is change itself.


  16. WOW, Surprisingly good movie.

  17. I would love to have a house like that near the beach

  18. A story from life.
    Excellent players.

  19. I read the comments before, of course. Slow, very predictable. I made it to the end, ERRRRRRRR. I wasted my time. You have now read my opinion, now you decide.

  20. This is the stupidest movie ever! Who wrote this crap?

  21. Very nice story I'm tearing..I feel sad when the man taking care of his friend son, even her friend doesn't like him but he do to care the child..even her friend didn't appreciate it,I'm expected the different ending but I didn't guess so sad until now I'm thinking this movie..why we love the man that doesn't love us..😭😭and why the woman cannot appreciate the effort of the man that really love her.. I hope I can stop thinking of this..

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