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Synopsis: New Kung Fu Action Movie “The Final Blade 最後的錦衣衛 ” is about a wonderful story. It has been one of the most-sought after artifacts for almost 400 years. But the mystical “glazed chicken cup” hasn’t been seen for some time. That is, until an item turns up at an auction bearing a striking resemblance to it. Hunter Archaeology Company CEO and archaeologist David Huang (Haibo Chang) is so convinced it’s the real deal that he orders his henchman to steal it, rather than pay the potential 200m Yuan price-tag. But their nefarious plans are interrupted by not only the surprise arrival of a Jin Guard, but also a young design student Li Mo Xun (Qi Shen), who recognizes the guard from an incident in his childhood. Obsessed with finding out his real identity, Li Mo Xun tracks him down to a noodle shop. Unfortunately he’s not the only one monitoring the cup’s hereabouts and possessor.

故事简介: 最新功夫动作电影《最后的锦衣卫 Jin Yi Wei》讲述 清朝初期,锦衣卫攻入王府,取得琉璃鸡缸杯。1986年,锦衣卫指挥使贺凡为保护儿子贺星云,在古庙惨遭寻宝猎人David杀害,鸡缸杯遗失到湖中。后被渔夫偶然所得。时至今日,琉璃鸡缸杯重出市面,David偷到鸡缸杯,蒙面人出手抢夺,这一过程正好被迷恋锦衣卫的李莫寻撞见。李莫寻认出了蒙面人正是锦衣卫传人贺星云。李莫寻每天前往贺星云的面馆接近贺星云。贺星云的女儿贺小夕被社会小混混欺负,被李莫寻所救,两人相识。李莫寻依然每天来到面馆,坚持不懈,最终打动贺星云,收其为徒,传授锦衣卫的功夫,并解开了琉璃鸡缸杯隐藏的巨大宝藏的秘密。学艺过程中,李莫寻和贺小夕关系渐好。小混混再次找到贺小夕报仇,功夫小成的李莫寻出手,却暴露了锦衣卫的身份。David发现后带着日本女忍者成功绑架了贺星云。李莫寻在舍友阿凯的帮助下用鸡缸杯换回了贺星云。David带着鸡缸杯,将要揭开巨大宝藏,李莫寻、贺小夕、阿凯三人前往古庙阻拦David。一场大战后,李莫寻三人成功保护明代宝藏,化身最后的锦衣卫。

出品 Studio: 威振国际影视 Ying Film Production
导演 Director: 杨振豪 Willie Ying
主演 Starring: 申琦 Qi Shen, 张颖颖 Gina Zhang, 石天龙 Dragon Shek, 常海波 Haibo Chang
题材 Genres: #Action #动作片

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  2. Можно название на русском языке пожалуйста

  3. മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ

  4. Disappointing martial arts action at the end part very poor choreography

  5. Swords are no match to machine guns.

  6. Great movie.

    One thing thou. If you can break the cup by tossing it to ground, then why not to destroy it completely? And answer: That is against the mysticism that is needed for the movie.

  7. Dubbing in English would be nice 🇬🇧🙏

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  9. Good movie with great fighting action moves. The development of the friendship of the three leads & filial affinity provided a moral compass.

  10. 🎍🎋🎄💮💗🎋🎄🧩😆✨🎋🎄🌙🌠 仅仅基于爱。上帝派他的儿子耶稣基督替我们死。然后在第三天上涨他从死里复活。

    现在,虽然单独耶稣基督。上帝给了我们永恒的生命的恩赐。他将保存和医治你,如果你问他。 如果您口中认主耶稣,并相信您的心,上帝已将他从死里复活了 他会给您永生


  11. Por favor en español mui👍 buenas películas 😤🙂

  12. Not much of a treasure! “Glazed Chicken Cup”. Find one just like it at any thrift store. Lol.

  13. its nice movie i watch thanks for share body

  14. Thanks for sharing this beautiful subtitled movie.


  15. Phim hơi xàm kĩ xảo đánh nhau như trẻ con… kết chán quá

  16. the title of this movie (CHICKEN CUP)😂😂😂 or THE BLADE OF THE CHICKEN CUP😂😂😂

  17. que pena qué no este en español

  18. Spent more than 2 hours of searching finally hope this will entertain my night otherwise I ll stop searching any action cinese movies in youtube better play pubg.

  19. Please do listen carefully to the audio at:37:52 till it stops.. It's so resembles to sunsathiya from ABCD 2. Indian people will understand 😊

  20. Kadaghan bag chesmes aning salidaha…

  21. 沒內含 又不實際… 不好看!!!

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  23. Why are they too many ads. ..?
    Ads are supposed to be 6-7
    Thumbs down. .

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