MOONFALL Trailer (2022)

MOONFALL Trailer (2022) Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Charlie Plummer, Roland Emerich, Sci-Fi Movie HD
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  1. Probably the biggest space science fiction movie up to this date with a super intelligence inside the moon where something goes all wrong one day. Yeah, i will watch it again when all the things who was happening deserve a second chance.👍

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  3. No one is going to see this 🥴🤡😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Just did a Bad Moon remix Check me out!

  5. yeah, this looks amazingly stupid.

  6. This isn't a SciFi, it's a 2022 prediction.

  7. Another epic bullshit story about space balls lol I can't wait for it… on thepiratebay🍿🍿🍿

  8. “This will be the sixth.” Who tf wrote this 😂

  9. I always thought about this situation! "what would look like if the moon fell on Earth?", i even had nightmares about it. And now they made a movie about it! I hope they have a scene depicting what it would look like to be directly standing beneath it when it is say 10km high from the surface of the Earth, it would look like a giant roof extending till the horizon with no end in sight i suppose?


  11. Dumb movie…tons of splosions and tidal waves. I'm so in…..Must watch in IMAX. Been waiting years for another Roland Emmerich crazy stupid absurd disaster of a movie…I mean disaster movie.

  12. Look like Armageddon meets independence day..

  13. This dude is back again with another ridiculous end of days movie smh

  14. It will be interesting to see this movie could be really fucking awesome or a big piece of shit

  15. Cause it's alien created. Along with the rest of the planets and stars….. it's the Astrological Matrix.

  16. Looks like the "Wandering Earth" film (which i really enjoyed) on NetFlix but oddly the effects even for Hollywood don't seem quite as good. Will see what they are like when it's finished. Will definitely watch!

  17. i think if the world was going to end no one would be that bothered seeing as none of us can live normally anymore due to some over hyped little virus …..i welcome some sort of mankind ending scenario

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