MONSTERS OF MAN Official Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi, Action Movie

First trailer for monsters of man.


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  1. Kick ass movie, but with a few disappointments.

  2. How can a robot miss its shot when it doesn't have to hold its breath and control its heart rate when it doesn't have them. Unless it's programed to miss its supposed to hit its target every time considering it doesn't have to live with ptsd or have nightmares when it's asleep at night.

  3. Just watched this movie. Overall it was pretty meh. CGI is fantastic and the action scenes are good. But half the movie is following a group you know nothing about through the jungle. The movie sets up no back story to any of the characters. Every death is setup to be super emotional and heart breaking too, but since i know zero about anyone it's hard to care at all. The first 45 minutes should have been the time to do that but instead they spent half the time just filming with no one saying anything or doing anything of importance. Really dragged at first. 2nd half was okay tho. But overall it's definitely a meh and at over 2 hours long I don't think it's worth the time.

  4. I am definately not into robot movies but this one was awesome. The 3 guys I recommended it too liked it alot as well. Great acting by all…loved it. A 10 easy ✌🏻🇦🇺

  5. I know the movie will probably be bad, but my goodness, this poorly edited trailer doesn't help.

  6. Is this movie predicting the Future perhaps?

  7. This film shows some portraits about crimes of USA

  8. That was one hell of a movie!

  9. Came here after seeing this on YTS

  10. For those who wonder, it's a worth watching movie. The story is interesting and full of non-stop action. I would give 7 out of 10.

  11. This movie was absolute white washed garbage! Not only could I predict everything that would take place in this movie but it was typical white savior complex B..S! Typically movies don't show children getting shot which is personally in poor taste but at least they kept it typical with the black girl dying first & the most gruesome out of the group. Laatly the plot was lame and obvious. This trash gets a two thumbs down!

  12. Dude I've seen better CGI in things from 2005. Pass.

  13. If you like the movie, then check out Kill Command 2016 movie.

  14. This movie was good. I was surprised.

  15. Excellent movie with a philosophical backstory. A modern day movie with Artificial Intelligence, technological development, plus the question what life is, and why it is important. Very well done.

  16. This movie was awesome! I loved it! I wish it would have been put on Blu-ray and I hope there will be a sequel!

  17. Thought this was a gritty remake of short circuit at first.

  18. Actually very good. I want part 2. Damn it.

  19. Turned it off after 20 minutes. Low budget and diabolical acting. So cringe. Avoid

  20. Way over acted , didn’t deliver

  21. I don’t know how I feel about the movie, looks cheap

  22. Broooo they cheatin' dude they have aimbot not cool bro

  23. Whoever did the music for this movie needs to go back to school

  24. So…….chappie got hacked?

  25. The seal guy didn't do shit! I was expecting more from him

  26. The panick and the gun clicking did not go along

  27. If you enjoy cheap effects and understood plots please continue to thumbs up you iditos.

  28. They're here already, and will be worldwide in every city, town, and hood near you coming soon…
    Da Z

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