Modern Talking – Cheri Cheri Lady (Official Music Video)

Modern Talking’s official music video for ‘Cheri Cheri Lady’.
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Oh I cannot explain
Every time it’s the same
Oh I feel that it’s real
Take my heart
I’ve been lonely too long
Oh I can’t be so strong
Take a chance for romance
Take my heart
I need you so
There’s no time
I’ll ever go

Cheri Cheri Lady
Goin’ through emotion
Love is where you find it
Listen to your heart
Cheri Cheri Lady
Livin’ in devotion
Always like the first time
Let me take a part

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  1. Why I'm so obsessed with Modern Talking ❤️

    They're so Great 🤩

  2. I was blasting this song on my phone.

    Dad – "Stop the Music"

    Me – "Why"

    Dad – " we have bigger Speakers".

  3. Listening Malayali 🤙🏼😎
    After watching Arjun Ready🔥

  4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Kd os br fã de um som das antiga?

  6. I completely forgot about this song until I heard it on instagram today! My childhood song!❤️

  7. What year was this song made in?

  8. Loooool das ist Dieter Bohlen😂😂😂😂

  9. Dieter Bohlen is the most controversial producer in the music scenario

  10. That's my fathers favorite. Loves from Turkey

  11. i'll take cheese with that plz

  12. Jedes mal beim hören, habe ich einen Zwang mit zu tanzen.

  13. Здесь будет хоьябы 1 русский комент

  14. C 2021 ГОДА еще живы???

  15. I love modern talking and I am from the generation of 95

  16. Vay be bazı şarkılar hiç eskimez ya bu da o listenin en başında gelir şeri şeri leydi 😄

  17. sao giông cái bài như có bác hồ trong ngày vui đại thắng thế nhỉ

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