Mission Of Justice (Full Movie) Action Martial Arts | Jeff Wincott

“Law and order” mayoral candidate Brigitte Nielsen is the ruthless and racist leader of a secret neo-fascist group out to take control of the city by whatever means necessary.

Directed by Steve Barnett
Starring Brigitte Nielsen (Red Sonja), Jeff Wincott (The Night Of), Mark Pellegrino (The Big Lebowski).

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  1. Hugely underrated classic! One of my favorite movies as a kid!

  2. Excellent movie congratulations to all actors 🔥🔥🔥

  3. One funny female tough cop, she looks and reminds like Bruce Lee wife Linda 😂🤣

  4. This was a very good movie I enjoy it

  5. Excellent movie… respect to those days classics…those actors are unsung heroes…not like current popsicle movie s…

  6. I❤the way jeff wincott fights&protects people

  7. God she REALLY wants to be Mayor

  8. 1:29:48 very touching moment , almost they wanna forget about the script and make it .

  9. Vai trabalhar mulher lula fudeu Brasil deixou falido Lula maior ladrão do Brasil cadê os 100 bilhões q lula mandou pra Venezuela

  10. He looks like Elon Musk on the thumbnail

  11. As soon as I see a she clown with a weapon in her hand I switch off.

  12. Think it was more style more moves they are the ultimate martial artist both are inspiring

  13. I really like Brigitte Nielsen in this movie

  14. Aussie panjak paling👍👍👍

  15. Thank's for sharing this very Worth it to Watch Movies. Jeff Wincott is very the best, very good in Martial Arts

  16. The female Donald Trump goes down.

  17. Un tres bon film malgre la violence de certaines scenes une touche d humanite impregne la globalite du spectacle

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