Michael Jackson Vs Eminem: What REALLY Happened?

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A hip-hop enthusiast touching on various topics in everything hip-hop. From the latest Hip-Hop news, to major Hip-Hop beef documentaries to talking about rappers and singers that disappeared from the limelight to artists that are on the rise! It’s all here hosted by Quake!

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  1. I've been going LIVE on Twitch reacting to videos and bumping new music with you all, it's been fun follow me and join in: http://www.twitch.tv/quakegw

  2. With you saying Eminem is almost close to Michael Jackson your video and what you're telling me have no credibility

  3. It was all jokes .. Em wasn’t the only 1 joked about Mj … it just went too far when he put the kids n the video at the time mj was going thru the system about that… RIP MJ … that’s the only thing was disrespect to me but everything was all Jokes

  4. Can't finish this. Michael Jackson molested five boy! Makes me sick that people are defending his sick behavior~

  5. What is so fkin funny is em and dre have more in common than any other artist, they both pssed off the top G so they ended up paying them until eazy e and Michael died

  6. Michael Jackson is proof that a poor, young black boy can become a successful, rich white woman.

  7. Rip Michael Jackson. 💔💔

  8. Well because anybody with any kind of brains would not hold their child over a balcony that's insane I'm not saying he doesn't have some awesome music but that was f**** stupid as f*** I would never hold my child over a f**** balcony f**** it's sad I think Michael was a little bit cuckoo

  9. Love both their music but MJ was sensitive, a little sketchy tbh don’t let your inner stan make you too biased

  10. Really people attack em and Michael is cool being white hahahaha

  11. One weirdo that jackson perv

  12. M & m is not comparable to Michael Jackson. He’s not worthy of comparison.

  13. You have to wonder what might have been if they had collaborated. Michael is sadly gone now over a decade.
    But something just popped into my mind just now.
    Janet has a long catalogue of colabs with high profile rappers and R&B/Hip-Hop artists throughout her career. The more I think about it………the better it sounds in my mind.

  14. That Fox News mf is a fucking leech! Also how tf did Stevie wonder even see the fucking video?

  15. Eminem is not close to Michael Jackson chill 😂

  16. Micheal was on different level. He was and will be the best ever goat 🐐

  17. Eminem can't even be compared to the Legend MJ

  18. Money is definitely not the worst thing that can happen to an addict. Being an addict you’re going to find out how to get high. Having allows you access to the best help, rehab and recovery possible. That’s huge.

  19. If I was Mj I would have went in on Eminem, but he was always respectful, and never brought him down on public, I'm sure he had a lot of shit to say, but kept it quiet

  20. Man my respect for EMINEM just went up….

  21. Em: Starts beef with MJ

    MJ: This (Eminem’s) catalog seems profitable…

    “A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep”

  22. Em just looks like a dumb jock in this thumbnail lol

  23. M&M's…green, blue, red, yellow, or chocolate.

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