Metallica: One (Official Music Video)

Metallica’s official music video for “One,” from the album “…And Justice for All.” Subscribe for more videos:

Directed by Bill Pope and Michael Salomon
Filmed in December 1988 in Long Beach, CA

Video Premiere Date: January 22, 1989

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© 1989 Blackened Recordings

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  1. El solo de guitarra es hermoso

  2. Yo buscando un puto comentario en español

  3. школьные годы )) разбитый в хлам, но всё таки работающий плеер с постоянно отходящим джеком наушников ))
    перемотка кассет карандашом )) огонь .. и какая то постоянно припайка провода на плате ))

  4. Nothing is real but pain now!!!!

    PLEASE, GOD wake meeeeeee

    I can’t tell if this is real life or not.

    Wake me!!!!!!!!!

  5. I couldn't imagine living like that and I would be calling for God too… please take me now that's a living hell…….

  6. Unbeatet??? In -German Unübertroffen

  7. I feel the pain in this song. It is beautiful and sad as fuck. I want to say thank you to all of our soldiers and for the ones whom we have loved and lost respect and rest in peace.

  8. Watch the movie the cut scenes are from-only one other film that matches it in terms of war protest is studio ghibli grave of the fireflies

  9. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I’ve seen this who knows how many times, and it still gives me goosebumps

  10. i cant stop crying when i listening to this art piece

  11. The last great song from Metallica. The black cd was too commercial for me. {even though it their most best selling recording}.

  12. Look it's this simple in retrospect i personally miss the "Real Metallica, kill em' all {1983}, ride the lightning {1984} "Day on the Green concert w/Cliff however on Septermer 27th of every yr i pay my respects to Cliff he was a dwn to earh laidback dude but when he was playing like Randy Rhoads his life was taken short now about the "justice akbum {1988} it's heavy but not as heavy as one of the "The Big 4" Master of Puppets {1986} however and i'm sure alot of you already know they "Sold Out! gavein and went "mainstream" needless to say those few albums mean alot to me even Slayer Reign in Blood {1986} anyway kind of a metal geek but i know what the facts are, and i'm just stating my opinion anyway's stay safe, PLSE STILL WEAR MASKS!!!, and as always god bless from New Jersey..

  13. Uma das minhas favoritas 🤘🏽🖤🎶

  14. This has always been the most emotional videos I've ever seen.

  15. Unpopular opinion: Metallica have only one good song. This one☝🏻

  16. video gives chills everytime. i tear up.

  17. METALLICA ES LA LUZ !!! 😎🤘🤘🤘

  18. This is an awesome video

  19. This song feels like a desperate battle against pain . . .

  20. Asyik nih…
    Asli, jernih banget…
    Love u Metallica..

  21. I had to watch the movie and it's shocking this could and Probaly has happened


  23. This n Domination live by Pantera!!!

  24. Ausome 🎸 Guitar & Drums From Mighty Metallica (One )!!!

  25. when james said nothing is real but pain now i felt it

  26. Doable beatiful things with body weight

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