Mental Health | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

The mental health crisis happened when society was psychologically broken down after the constant government lockdowns. Even when the “experts” told us that lockdowns didn’t work, governments didn’t listen.. no one wanted to accept the plan was to break society and reset the system…
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Written | Director | Camera | Editor | Music
Zachary Denman


Kain – Actor
George Bloomfield

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  1. Amen…so sad y maybe true…God is with us..lets keep praying🙏💙🕯

  2. Is this youtube channel like a kinda april fools joke, like if you look at the other videos, like the one about a fake alien invasion, then you'd kinda be a bit confused about what the channel's aim is overall. Though I do understand that there are many who have been impacted in terms of mental health due to the lockdown etc. Though I do want to know what the aim of a channel like this is

  3. Those taking our freedoms with nefarious deep state tech. Need to be identified. A world federation of men and women should emerge linked in 1 common cause. Stoic militant action against the core of their infrastructure. Its a war which requires intellect and discussion followed by definitive action. What you are doing is fine. But we need IRA commitment and cruelty in name of independence and freedom. Accept the label of terrorist . Its going to be a long decade. Im ready . Im toxic male alpha dog with teeth. I bite the postman just for kicks.

  4. What about emotional health

  5. We chose but weren't heard

  6. Bravo!! Fantastic and very true.

  7. We are witness to the mistakes made in the past
    Future generations will witness our mistakes

  8. This is my nightmare in real life and sadly it is real life 😠😡😠

  9. Keep them coming they really cheer me up!😅😅

  10. Gotta love the add at the beginning of this video Brainwashing the sheep to be strong and wear the mask. They are bombarding their twisted narrative at every turn.

  11. It's mind blowing to think that this actually the end

  12. How did they find an empty city to film this movie at? Oh right, that's every city in the world right now, l forgot.

  13. A very good summary of what happened in Melbourne last year

  14. they who trade liberty for safety deserve neither.

  15. 1984+ Brave New World are here.

  16. Thank you for the term *mental prison*. Exactly the place where some politicians want to have the population. 🤔

  17. All lockdowns and no play makes Jack a dull boy….

  18. You have to love how Democrat governors and mayors are just now announcing what we've been saying for months: "We have to reopen."
    Naturally, Biden will get the credit for the improving economy.
    Meanwhile, in my city and state (run by Republicans) restaurants and everything else have stayed open. And our economy is still pretty dang good, as far as I can tell.

  19. They're good videos it's just the dumb fear based music. It just takes away from the validity of the video imo.

  20. Psychiatry was normalized in the U.S. Edward Boyd Barrett and he wrote a book called The Jesuit Enigma . Careful this one little fact has many surrounding facts

  21. So many of my family friend’s friends have died because of this bullshit.

  22. This is sooo true! Time to resist like in Italy and Poland!!!!!!
    Now is the time!!
    Before they completely take over.
    Fight BACK!!!!!!!!!

  23. What an unrealistic, inaccurate, morbid, & pessimistic vision of the future. No wonder the World is in such a mess! 🙂 Cheer up mate!

  24. How many films have we watched over the years never thinking it would be our reality

  25. What worries me is these blank stares I get from friends and family when I try to tell them what’s going on. They’re well educated but clueless. Makes you feel like a demented nut, but I don’t care because I can’t remain silent when I see the destruction of families and ordinary people.

  26. drugs were provided not to feel better but to feel nothing


  28. You appear young and a victim of info saturation!

    To me- whom it appears your trying to convince- the lockdowns were like a snow day!

    Snow Year!

    Accretion will stark effect beta decay

    Beta decay will catabolic your aging!

    Therefore, your perspectives will decay with stark effect!

    Either, you will probably look back and laugh at the lockdowns- strange quark kenosis! Or, you will look back and long for the lockdowns!

    Note: If you look back and remain angry about the lockdown! You might consider smoking pot one or two nights a week instead of drinking the juice!

  29. Welome to the NWO…People fight for your freedoms…They are about to be taken from the USA under this new COmmunist goverment.

  30. Here are words written by BensonPast: “When the dawn came, nothing was the same as it had been. During the night, hidden without light, yesterday faded away. The old forgot and the young never knew that there once was a day that no man ruled. Perhaps tomorrow is the forgotten past and yesterday is where we find ourselves at last.”…

  31. Amazing people like chickens head in the sand…..o we a year ago. Dreamed brought Hilter regime back, never died.

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