Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Final Trailer

“When you love something, you protect it.”

Watch the brand new trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Eternals.” Arriving in theaters November 5.

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  1. Can't belive it's been 1 year since this movie has been released
    Feels like i just watched it a month ago

  2. for a sec i thought that was the winter soldier

  3. It wasn’t horrible. It is hard to connect with character cuz there are so many but I think that problem will go away with time since they will continue to appear in the future mcu

  4. I'm really glad I watched this movie. I absolutely loved every second of it. Everything was perfect for me. But I understand that some people may not get much out of it given how different it is in pace and tone than the other Marvel movies. But I really hope they continue to do stuff with the Eternals because it feels really special to me and honestly has been my favourite movie in the entire MCU so far.

  5. I watched Eternals on disney plus. Not as bad as people say it is. I def think there's worse marvel movies out there. I loved how unique and informative this movie was for the entire MCU, although in overall, I don't think the movie was amazing.

  6. Yall trippin the monsters in here and visuals are amazing 👏

  7. Loved this movie and I keep coming back to this trailer which is phenomenal

  8. I don't like this film but this trailer is still pretty good

  9. I don't believe that the comments here are coming from real people. Why is everyone praising this movie if it isn't praise worthy.

  10. The only MCU film I don't, and probably never will, own.

  11. celestials vs charles darwin

  12. You see ikaris and dan
    But I see jon and rob

  13. This film managed to be worse than Black panther and Captain marvel.

  14. Disappointed; HOMOSEXUALITY/GAYISM scene not Suitable for our Community..🤮

  15. Woke pish.
    So glad i didnt waste any time or money on this.
    From the cast, plot and way it was directed all left me cold.

  16. When will this movie have a second installment?

  17. Hands down my favorite of Phase 4!

  18. This movie should’ve just been cosmic based. Not earth based. It could’ve still dealt with the blip. They could’ve still been asleep and when the avengers snapped is when they awaken and deal with the emergence on Olympia. And then as a post credit scene have some deviants look for earth because they want to look for the people who did the snap and then have the Eternals hunt them down making for an avengers movie with the Eternals stopping the emergence in earth easy.

  19. This tralier made more sense then the first

  20. I don't understand Phastos' theory, because without Arishem, Arishem could just kill Phastos, so I think Phastos is just being suicidal than actually being there for his family. So if people find it strange that I like Arishem I have a reason. And if Phastos wants to live long enough to take care of his family he should like Arishem too.

  21. I don't know. I've heard bad things about this movie. It looks like an attempt to push more multi-racialism as some benign multiculturalism. But multiculturalism is the problem as it suggest there is no unity of values.

  22. It took me a almost a year to realize..
    in this trailer they used the thanos lines to bait you into watching this movie and you know it’s true. It bombed.

  23. Please don't net part…. Very very worst film

  24. Very worst film of Marvel

  25. yep, still crying when watching this trailer


  26. i am getting news through the youtube channel of everything now on youtube but not through chapraasee networks that all the upcoming marvel movies arent getting released so make it a very neat black panther ending saga this wakanda last the black panther

  27. i am new owner so i won movie challenge i got the news through VRor chapraasee networks

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