Malice 2: Metamorphosis | Full Sci-Fi Movie

***This film is under non-exclusive license from Leomark Studios. All rights reserved.***

Malice 2: Metamorphosis – Haunted by supernatural forces, Alice defends her town from a pending ecological disaster.

Stars: Brittany Martz, Nora Palka, Mark Hyde

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  1. That's a good look 👌 that little black outfit

  2. She put a wuppin on that dude!

  3. Hooker Chemical…….Love Canal……..met a guy that worked there in the late 70s…….

  4. "Don't fuck with me". Love it.
    Every one sleeping in the first scene is great.
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    The concept of an external savior is the very foundation of government.
    Government and religion are one in the same scourge upon humanity.

  5. Love These Movies, Seen Part 1 Awhile Back, It Was Really Good And This One Is Just As Good, Fixing To Watch Part 3 Now, Thanks Really Good Movie 👍


  7. OK. I'm half way through part 2…MAN this s#% is CRAZY! I LOVE IT!

  8. cool series (1, 2, 3) even the acting was a lot beter than most free movies

  9. dam good movie i do hope there more of these

  10. It sucks that the trilogy is available on Amazon but unfortunately I don't have any money to buy one of the last copies

  11. They had a nice Disney movie collection there.

  12. not as good as Pt 1 , about ti watch Pt 3 lets see , aye !

  13. the song …Living next door to Alice…kept going through my head haha

  14. Alice looks so much better with long hair, that short hair makes her look not nearly as attractive well not attractive at all, its similar to shaving one side of a head its just fucking ugly.

  15. What a load of bull..don’t bother.

  16. Actually it was John the Lesser Not the first John!

  17. This movie could stand alone by itself, but it is supported and complimented by both parts 1, and 3. 🐢💓

  18. lol she is such a sweetie (Welbutrin, however, is not an antipsychotic)

  19. The biggest mistake christians are making today is letting themselves be led to believe Jesus commanded that they be passive… Not so … Turn the other cheek, don't mean let them beat you to death… He said people would try to say that to… Think about this,, if He was passives, Not one thing He did, would have been done… Not one…

  20. Such a great little jewel!! Thanks 😊💫

  21. I was hooked 20 minutes in. Me and Alice seems to have a few things in common. If you feel the same hit me back. For we can talk where others just won't except the truth.

  22. Absolutely Love It !!!!!!! I Want MORE!!!!!!!

  23. Glad to see part two. I did not think that the first one would be good but I was bored. I was also mistaken.

  24. I'm sure this series of movies starin' "Alice" Brittany Martz (Love Her) are destined 2 become Cult Classics like "Ginger Snaps"! Love Me some Bad@$$ Horror Bitches, lol!

  25. Who else got creepo vibe's when the therapist wanted to put alice under hypnosis?😖😒Good movie though.😁The ending was epic!!!!Where's part 2?🎯

  26. Not as good as Malice 1. The story is very weak and unsurprising. More of the same, but less good.

  27. Wellbutrin! I started having Zombie Nightmares when the doctor had me on that shit 20 years ago.. Do Not take it.. The Living God has typed..

  28. Wow dam good movie, never heard of this ,good movie,thanks for the video upload

  29. why is a ~30 yr old woman in high school??

  30. Not bad, not bad at all.. when’s the sequel coming out??

  31. This is about how too much drugs can make some people make such videos. Oh god of bullshit and bullshitter and bullshit lovers, make that bullshit go away please, please, please. No, I have to do it myself. So I turn it off.

  32. Thanks. Really good movie.-)

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