Lucy (2014) – Brain usage 100% – Cool/Epic Scenes [1080p]

This is a FICTION people, dont take it seriously. And dont take drugs. They wont let you do that IRL. Only in your imagination.

About the movie:

Credits goes to: Cross Creek Pictures, IM Global, Icon Productions.
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  1. "They said I can be anything… So i became a flashdrive."

  2. Morale: If you spend too much time on VR, you become a USB flashdrive 😀

  3. It's just this moment, everything transcending tru this moment, Egypt time it's now, everything it's now. This is about 100% capabilities to understand, there it's no time, time it's just an illusion.

  4. Everything is disappearing from the seat..!

  5. Modern people can not see her.But Indians can see her.Their brains are clear and have got high DMT.

  6. Whatever, I don't drive Dodge products

  7. Que se sentirá estar en sano juicio

  8. This is like the most illuminati movie I have seen. But Yahweh will surprise all this dumb people in his wrath.

  9. That is what i saw when i tried marijuana for the first time but i was scared this lady is calm

  10. "What are you going to do with that information?"
    Morgan Freeman: "God"
    MF: "Eh, probably do some voiceover work"

  11. I really wonder what would ppl be like if able to use 75% of their mind let alone 100%… I would like to releave it would be such a peaceful place to live but thr n I have to remind myself that humans can be some vicious, cruel, and unpredictable creatures!!!

  12. Plot twist: all of this is the side effect of the drug and is just an illusion

  13. Obviously this movie is hypothetical but that’s what I love about it. Films like these that leave you with endless curiosity and a spiral of emotion. I didn’t know what to feel or think when watching this.

  14. even if you get a %100, it means nothing. you become a flashdrive. well, at least the popcorn was good.

  15. Lucy = Black widow + three eyed raven 🤨

  16. My god I have just read the plot on wikipedia. What an abysmal load of crap is this.

  17. After using 100% brain

    1 + 1 = timeline

  18. what was she looking for anyways?

  19. Fact:The Flashdrive are have 100,000,000,000,000 or better gb of THEM

  20. Lucy became God… She's everywhere.. Becomes everlasting.. From the beginning of the universe… That's why the title is Lucy..

  21. So at 100% of brain capacity you become one with the universe.

  22. It's so much information to acquire this, maybe that's why we're only in a smallest unit of quantum universe

  23. She knows the Victoria's secret

  24. Don't trust that ,they r Darwin's relative
    Don't bhave like idiot jains

  25. if you use 100% of your brain it should've showed her returning to monke form not simply turning into everything..everything is inferior to monke this is an error.

  26. 2:12 he cut out the dinosaur scene.

  27. that… is… so fucking cool…

  28. Third eye opening, not drug leading ability. Do not mistake.

  29. I identify as a flash drive

  30. What a huge bs. But it was amazing.

  31. I can’t imagine using any more brain power than I am right now. 🤩

  32. Ну ка дал суда эту флешку🙋‍♂️😈

  33. "Lucy, meet Lucy."

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