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Check out the official Let Us In exclusive trailer starring Tobin Bell! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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US Release Date: July 2, 2021
Starring: Siena Agudong, Sky Alexis, Tobin Bell
Directed By: Craig Moss
Synopsis: A rash of teenagers go missing in this small town and one ostracized twelve year old and her best friend step in to figure out what’s going on.

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  1. wow, looks great. prob not as good as Craig Moss' debut The 41–Year–Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It

  2. The dialog is so bazaar in this move and unnecessary lol on fleece, queen, Gucci, dope lol awkward

  3. This movie makes no sense the lore of the black eyed kids are they can’t come in unless you invite them in these Asshat’s somehow get inside anyway an punch people this movie is badly written.

  4. Look close at the right side of the lady , when she says its not her fault 56:04 , do you see the quick orb looking thing fly fast by her side ?

  5. This movie is under family which also means it’s child friendly. But people are complaining when it’s clearly meant for a younger audience and not something that’s rated R which is why it probably seems kiddie and not that serious

  6. NO !! Absolutely NOT !! Heck NO…. Just Say No !!! .The answer your looking for is…..NO !!!!😱😭😩😵👻

  7. The original was great. Can't you just leave it be??

  8. looks dumb I would rather watch the haunting hour

  9. The movie was actually pretty decent I enjoyed it

  10. Would of been cool if it was an actual thriller about aliens

  11. I see that MacKenzie Zeigler from "Dance Moms" is in this movie. These movie scenes look to be less frightening than Abby without makeup, and asleep on the bus with a gummy worm hanging out of her mouth.

  12. Jigsaw : do u want to play a game ?
    Kids : Yes
    Jigsaw : 😈

  13. It the Jigsaw guy from Saw

  14. good idea, looks like trash

  15. all these comments and they haven't actually watched it…. i liked it. waiting for the sequel…the old guy is actually something more!

  16. Lol the dude from saw….imagine telling that guy, “let me in” no thank you. I’d be running the other way

  17. There's no way to say that this movie is bad, because to be bad, it would need to improve a lot. LMAO

  18. They're just wearing Transition contact lenses.

  19. I’m just probably watching this cause Mackenzie Ziegler is in it

  20. Can someone that has watched it tell me if this movie is scary or not?

  21. This is actually a saw prequel movie.

  22. I was expecting something much darker. This looks like a kids flick!

  23. Those wierd guys aren't even kids… They're actually teenagers

  24. LOok like student movie …

  25. Stop hating on this movie. It obviously is meant for a young audience. America loves to hate.

  26. Ilaw lang yung kahinaan…ang hina ng kalaban

  27. Another IT wannabe. No one can be original anymore.

  28. all these negative alien movies ramping up for some blue beam psy-ops?

  29. Them: Let us in

    Me: I want to play a game.

  30. I thought the movie was great
    The Stand By Me if horror movies
    Really fun movie guys

  31. For some reason I thought this was a horror movie when I read about that movie

  32. Lol this looks like a goosebumps episode

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