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  1. 14:10 this shows football originated in China many centuries ago. Love big monk. ty for gr8 movi.

  2. Movie name is – xin ru tie (I think) as seen on trailer & got it off the comments.

  3. Is the monk Carter Hwang by any chance?

  4. Great film but what's the name

  5. This is exactly what I want to watching the movie.I like the story and the hero role's.👍

  6. This is the only move for watch me without translation but thanks too

  7. im enjoying the movies just a pitty about the language barrier

  8. This monk was so bad*$$ that he walks through the front entrance and cleave like a tank in a low level mmo dungeon.

  9. Where is Donnie Yen?
    Click bait.
    China movie again…….

  10. He got rid of all the riffraff single handed

  11. And he was so pleased whit the gods and Buddha's they made sure the girl didn't die wao love you who ever produced this monkey kicking ass monk fucking movie

  12. That's a fucking reL monk that's how you do a fucking real mother fucking movies to all the other fakes producers 😤 get the fuck out jet lee jackichan ass out of here

  13. What movie is this? title????

  14. She showed him life over death and ugliness and she' ll always be remember in his heart

  15. Nice movie. Very entertaining

  16. @Drama Entertainment: What’s the name of this film? Thanks.

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