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Labor Day – Frank’s Letter: Frank (Josh Brolin) writes to Henry (Tobey Maguire).

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At the tender age of 13, Henry Wheeler (Gattlin Griffith) grapples with the pains of adolescence while caring for his troubled, reclusive mother, Adele (Kate Winslet). One day while shopping for school supplies, Henry and Adele encounter Frank Chambers (Josh Brolin), an intimidating man but one who clearly needs their help. Frank convinces the two of them to take him into their home, but later it becomes clear that he is a convict who has escaped. Based on the novel by Joyce Maynard.

TM & © Paramount Pictures (2013)
Cast: Josh Brolin, Kate Winslet, Tobey Maguire
Director: Jason Reitman
Producer: Jason Reitman
Screenwriter: Jason Reitman

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  1. Most convicted murderers would have left them tied up and used them as hostages, but Frank was so gentle and kind, you'd never believe he was a murderer, which he wasn't.

  2. Wow Cable is writing a letter to Spider-Man

  3. Thanos wrote a letter to Peter Parker 🤣

  4. Such a bitter sweet ending. This movie never fails to make me tear up.

  5. Job brolin is among the finest.

  6. Thanos write a letters to Spider-Man/Peter Parker 👍👍😏

  7. 0:57 wtf there is Peter Parker and MJ

  8. I like this channel’s outro

  9. Uhh move clips Joined YouTube in 2007 right?


    Michael jackson is still alive at that time

  10. Saw this at the Cinema. Great film

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  14. Old Movie But Still Favorites ❤️

  15. Yall still post videos……i watch u when i was 8 and now im 16

  16. Thanos wanted some 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

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  20. Can you upload the Train To Busan Clips Please:)

  21. Hold up. So this whole movie was made just to celebrate Stockholm Syndrome?

  22. can anyone tell me why does this channel have so many subscribers, its not fair!, i could just as easily make videos like this….

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