Kingpin (1996) – The Final Frame Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

Kingpin – The Final Frame: McCracken (Bill Murray) bowls for the championship.

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Roy Munson (Woody Harrelson) is a young bowler with a promising career ahead of him until a disreputable colleague, Ernie McCracken (Bill Murray), tricks him into participating in a con game that ends with Roy’s bowling hand crippled for life. Years later, Roy ekes out a hardscrabble existence until he discovers Amish bowling phenom Ishmael (Randy Quaid). With the help of a gangster’s girlfriend (Vanessa Angel), he plots to take Ishmael to the top of the bowling world.

TM & © Paramount (1996)
Cast: Bill Murray, Woody Harrelson
Director: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly

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  1. That around the world on the floor. 1:58

  2. Love bill Murray but had to hate his character in this film still didn’t steal anything from the star of this masterpiece Roy Munson woody kingpin Harrelson

  3. Who’s here because of a Facebook post? 🤣

  4. Who do think you are, I am

  5. I always laugh at Bill's hair.

  6. remember the part where chris elliot comes up to them in the bar and offers 1 million dollars to sleep with each other, but it just turns out to be a daydream from woody harrleson

  7. Love to see him play with the jesus

  8. "I need ya now more than ever I need ya"

    I always thought he said "…more than ever I needed ya"

  9. Never in my life have I hated Bill Murray so much.

  10. One of my favorite movies of all time

  11. And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor goes to:

  12. I'm surprised this post in Reddit didn't bring more people

  13. 0:07 "Ernie, YOU THE MAN!" For those who don't know, that was Will Ferrell

  14. 1:51 The face I make when I go to the bathroom for number 2.

  15. The Best thing is that during the shooting he realy did 3 strikes in a row 😁

  16. Remember you think you are…. I am

  17. Shbdssdhdhdjeenah biskejesuawbsbx dvdhdhdhdhdhdgfgfcdddffajabafsfwcagsgdccgdusyiflfpypufaflkvxxbdbfidbdbd

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