Kickin’ It Old Skool (Full Movie) Comedy, Satire

At a talent show in 1986, young Justin Schumacher suffers a head injury and slips into a coma. Twenty years later, Justin (Jamie Kennedy) awakes with the mindset and experience of a 12-year-old. He decides to reunite the members of his former dance team and revive their short-lived careers.

Director: Harvey Glazer
Writers: Trace Slobotkin, Josh Siegal
Stars: Jamie Kennedy, Maria Menounos, Miguel A. Núñez Jr.

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  1. 1:41:41 can't hear this song and not think of Jennifer Connelly on that quarter machine in that John Hughes flick career opportunities . greatest GIF ever created .

  2. I just have a question for everyone would you guys think I'm weird because I dress like glam punk?because I'm scared of what peoples will think of me

  3. This movie is fuckin halarious

  4. It is the funny movies😂

  5. This and Malibus most wanted are the best

  6. Who’s the lady who plays Darnell’s wife ❓she fine ass hell 😩😩😭

  7. I think i saw lex Luthor in the movie with hair

  8. Is it okay to upload movies in my channel and just put credits to the owner of the videos? I have some 2021 movies here and newly released ones. I wanna share it them with you people.

  9. This movie is the best movie I've ever seen in my life😂

  10. I been looking 4 this movie 4 awhile as well.. I remember it from the previews when it came out. but never seen it

  11. Any leads about that old school funky beat starting at 15:21? If anyone knows please let me know

  12. Shame, this movie couldn’t be made today.

  13. Funny Af even tho is cringe 😂💀

  14. Jaimie is STUPID funny!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. One of my fave, and finally I find it 🤣

  16. "syke"thats so eighties,good ol days

  17. Good Movie ! 😂😂😂

  18. If the Ferrari line from the doctor doesn't make sense, then go watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Your're welcome.

  19. I did had a good time!! Tks Popcornflix!

  20. In brain, damage, know h
    2 to dance

  21. Finally for how days finding a worthed to watch… I am here enjoying 😂😂😂 nice…
    I just wonder f the wording at the last part is true?

  22. Waste of time this movie perverted and disturbing

  23. This was the only movie I've ever seen that had a full theater of people all howling with laughter. Saw it multiple times and it was always the same experience. Great movie, great times. Thanks for uploading this, man.

  24. Not me watching the movie on april 20th omgggg

  25. Is there anyone out there that doesn't think constant cussing is needed? Is there a hidden code for the movies with third grade language so l can skip them?

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