Juvenile – Back That Thang Up ft. Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne


Official Music Video for Back That Thang Up performed by Juvenile.

From the 400 Degreez album.

Watch more Juvenile official videos in HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww9VlmXKYgs&list=PLs8_sLMd5PB9WrF3DhywVA-jtsFRklVt9&index=

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Β© 1999 Cash Money Records Inc.

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  3. Now I see this really happens

  4. Good BLESS Morning 😘😘😘😘

  5. This generation could never !

  6. Chech out ADF samski From netherlands, song called "no hook" its more lit than this

  7. One of the biggest hits of Juvenile's career and still going strong today in 2022.Remember this joint came out early 2000s the clubs,women lost their minds

  8. Great videos all way the best. Goodies but oldies.

  9. this song is amazing lol

  10. junvnile larry funeral/ jenicia birdman jenicia rings chains

  11. So why isn’t the wobble part in the version on Apple Music πŸ˜’

  12. I see y Wayne so bad he watch an learn from juvenile & Mannie underrated bad tho he got lyrics & bars..

  13. They was poppin the shit out that mufucka 🀣

  14. 2022!! Real Natural born Girl Back it uppppp

  15. It does bring back a lot of fond memories, plus i like the urban attire back then more than i do now….Lil wayne was sooo young here,crazy!! edit: i do like the dirty version more, but it was a bit more conservative back then…

  16. Real shit twerking, birthed in Miami, Remixed in New Orleans, and perfected in Atlanta, freaknik!!!

  17. I like smoking newports because newports is written on the paper that goes in your mouth πŸ‘„

  18. late 90s rap loved the hi-hat 16's

  19. When shooting a video meant chillin with the homies and having fun. Now adays it’s all actors and models and their spending the budget of a semi big time movie

  20. Manny Fresh is a punk.

  21. This is who put young money on the map not Wayne juvenile did it first

  22. Music may change but big fine thangs are timeless

  23. Lol , best friend, of mine .. told me Back that ass up . Lol , Cash Money. Bitch

  24. i’m now addicted to twerking.

  25. I refuse to believe that this song is almost 25 years old

  26. Weres the English version of this song

  27. THEE fucking anthemmmmmmmmm <3

  28. God I'm so old. This still holds up.

  29. How many white cats out there would have thought that this cut would have us bowing down now to woman with some baked hams hangin' of the backside!!!!! Yum yum have some!!!😁

  30. Bring back the good music

  31. Yes LADIES! Let's Gooo! πŸ’•

  32. having a dance off as a child to juve was what we needed⚜️🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣⚜️

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