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July Rising – When sixteen-year old Andy inherits her grandfather’s orchard and becomes the ward of her aunt from the city, she must navigate the path to her future from a small town where choice and agency have never been options for young women.
2019. Stars: Alexa Yeames, Johanna Putnam, Devin Ashley Whitten
**This film is under non-exclusive license from Glass House Distribution. All rights reserved**

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  1. Very nice movie. I really enjoyed it. Sad at the end.

  2. cliff longlands What a horrible film ,just what theWorld Economic Forum has in store for the world mbastard banks ,politicians and the rest stay strong guy cliffxx

  3. I am SO glad that I watched this. Farmers have always suffered cos of hard work put into their regime, and they are paid sorely.

    The middlemen are the unscrupulous who make tons of money from us, farmers, everyone. So, we should eliminate all middlemen. We don't need them.

  4. I love this movie. Alexa acting is really super

  5. i felt pain also when the grandpa passed great movie

  6. Life is very hard by itself. Why couldn't this movie have a happy ending?

  7. This movie really hit home. I remember all the crosses that were put in the Corydon Iowa courtyard for all the farms that were lost. If you lose the farmer, you lose the backbone of our nation. Sorry to say our wonderful government played a big part of that with so many regulations of telling them what to plant and how to do this and how to do that. Like they knew what the hell they were doing unless they grew up on a farm. Then they brought in Corporate framing and hired framers to run it. And they still don't know how to run it. They have to depend on those that already farmed to keep things straight. Sorry, that is a sore spot on me. Bye the way there is no such thing as a rich farmer. Farm equipment cost a lot of money, plus upkeep and a lot of acreage just to break even.

  8. Yes they are the back bone of are county

  9. Be prepared for a very sad ending. Heartbreaking story. Unfortunatily highly realistic. Money rules, without love and understanding.

  10. When she sees the three kids sleeping together and rests her head against the door and starts crying, well…I thought my heart was coming to a stop. It's simply unbelievable how this movie envelopes one's soul. This is a masterpiece.

  11. I hated the movie because the "bad guys" won!

  12. How does anyone watch this movie with all the ads. You have to keep backing up the movie to see where you left off. If you want people to like this movie get rid of some of the ads.

  13. ilov Andy s n her aunt s taught n very logic n careful choices on lifetime friend

  14. Love to all farmers. Born in a farming community installs respect. I've to eat and they feed me.

  15. Ths Story hurts my feelings deeply but it's lovly

  16. For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. John 3:16 If you are yet be saved please make this confession. Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God, that you died on the cross to rescue me from sin and death and to restore me to the Father. I confess and repent of my sins. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. I give myself to you in Jesus name. Amen Welcome into the family of God.

  17. Farmers and fishermen are the foundation of a country.

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