Journey to Unknown FULL MOVIE (Sci-Fi Drama) 💥

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Genre : Full Movie in English
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  1. The bottom line is that they should send into space the essence of human beings…because they are very expensive projects…The fools and madmen should be excluded from the space programs, especially the people like those who devoured the gelatin bags in this movie.

  2. That was like a very depressing Red dwarf but i really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  3. Great stuff, thank you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I could make a better video with a cell phone and two squirrels.

  5. Got insomnia? This is a sure cure! It never makes sense, and never gets better. You'll wish you had your 2 hours back!

  6. Damn “A drunk snail!” 😂

  7. I watched to bout 9 minutes.
    So slow it's going backwards.

  8. Must admit the movie lost me in the middle, but the idea started to form into a brilliant concept.

  9. Soooo boring movie from the very beginning .😩

  10. total waste of time. just a bit of metaverse concept that's it.

  11. This must be set in the 70s, with all the Old Technology!

  12. Just started to watch and can't wait to get to the end…of this song in the beginning. This one weird film. Fast forward the movie…quick confusing for me..

  13. Boring movie. Nuff said.

  14. Electric eel and dog tags. Possibly the briefest yet funniest moment in movie history.

  15. One comment! No comment! The end!

  16. We need computer only space travel , no human drama!

  17. Well fuck me , I can’t even be arsed scrolling threw Nevermind watching it ffsk

  18. Maybe someone else's cup of tea.

  19. love that Bismark Song !!!

  20. I liked the idea of a black hole for the ship drive if i see that properly. Multiverse dynamics surly is a head mess lol, Excellent cerebral sci fi. 🙂

  21. I made it to the end, i failed to get a prize… was that the guy outa starship troupers ?, gawd he must have been stuck for cash… Is the editor of this film ok or in a padded room after working on this 🤣

  22. Not even the original ,Sink the Bismark, song from the 50's Movie sucks along with crappy remake of Johnny Horton 's song!

  23. I wonder what Johnny Horton would say if he could have known that one of his really big hits would be used at the beginning of this video?
    Pretty happy, don't you think? Glad they used this song and not something stupid produced today.

  24. Sorry far all I've seen is blackness

  25. What a nonsense movie. Never understood anything

  26. 14 minutes into the video and the audio goes out what the fuck is up with that!

  27. 15:20 If Van Gogh had you as a subject, the sunflowers would have gone in the trash.

  28. I must be a bit thick. I gave up after 26 minutes. Read someone put , horror , that not my thing at 80 years old. Sorry

  29. I hit the fast forward button and the whole mess rewinds.
    Frigging space electro-mush.

  30. this would be ok for a 20 minute short story or max 1/2 hour. save your time and if you don't do not say i didn't warn you

  31. Damn feel asleep 30 minutes in could not watch anymore

  32. Barbeau not BBQ! Damned autocorrect!

  33. Those are absolutely two different spaceships the one the man is on and taking drugs cuz that has to be what that is some kind of drug anxiety medicine of some sort. What he's going to have to buck up when he runs out of those little packets. And the space shuttle is part of Slash and Slash poster. Well I'm going to bail out here at 2625 it is so slow I can count my breathing.

  34. It sure felt like going all the way to the end of the universe watching this very FULL MOVIE just to realize that the universe is Fully unknown to us! LOL
    Lock down misfortune

  35. Bring back the Dislike count.

  36. if you get past the opening song let me know how it goes

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