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Journey To The Center Of The Earth – A California research institute is performing a teleportation experiment to send their military research team to Stuttgart, Germany. But something goes wrong, and the team ends up at the center of the earth, where they just manage to send off a distress signal before being hunted by a dinosaur. Joseph Harnet (Greg Evigan), head scientist in CA, contacts Emily Radford (Dedee Pfeiffer), sister of the missing unit’s leader and head of a deep bore drill experiment, for help in rescuing the stranded team. The two mount a rescue operation, drilling down to the earth’s core to save the girls before it’s too late. In the mean time the stranded group are doing their best to survive in the deadly environment.

Stars: Greg Evigan, Dedee Pfeiffer, Jennifer Dorogi

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  1. More clickbait…shit.

  2. This IS NOT the movie I Expected!


  4. I like the movie but sometimes it get cringe and awkward

  5. I first found this because my teacher put the wrong link in google classroom and I watched it on my iPad. Now I love it.

  6. Ok movie , I like Greg Evigan , but you need to sort out the audio issues

  7. Ten minutes into the movie and I decided to jump to the comments, and realized why I did not like it. Whenever I ever feel the need to know how a movie I disliked from the beginning I go read about it, first the comments, then a movie review comment section. For now I have more important things to do than watch a fantasy that women are better than men at fighting any war, let alone one against ancient animals that we now know were not what Darwinists thought they were. If an any one truly believes an all woman combat team is so bad ass, why not get them together to fight real mean bad guys like ISIS. OH, that's because the women would end up being belly warmers and baby machines for the Muslims. Don't get me wrong, I like fantasy, but the reason fantasy based movies work is because they must be based on some type of reality, but nothing in this fantasy made sense.

  8. I can hear it fine without my hearing aids πŸ‘Œ

  9. Don't like movies where bullets don't kill Dinosaurs πŸ¦–

  10. We're the guys in this movie looks like Bruce Willis and wonder if it is.πŸ™‚πŸ”₯πŸ‘βœŒπŸ‘‹

  11. Hahaah…so bad…but gotta see more to gauge the badness…lol

  12. Bruh is this the other season?

  13. This is not the right movie, i've watched Journey to the Center of the Earth for many times.

  14. 30 mins into the film and still waiting for brendan fraser to show up, realizing this is another movie with the same title. πŸ’€

  15. l liked it, their teeth are all so white, musta had a special on whitening!!

  16. ANY movie by Asylum is CHEAP , TERIBLE ACTING , LOUSY STORYLINE and not worth the film used to make it !!!!!!!!!!

  17. Why should I be confused? Are they in the present, under the earth’s surface? WTF??

  18. How clever of dinosaurs and cave men to make satellites to transmit to the future. Must have been aliens. Or raisins.

  19. 2nd comment: Did anyone else think the bald Army general looked a lot like BRUCE WILLIS? 😊

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