Josh Gallagher – Boots Like Mine (Official Music Video)

Boots Like Mine – Josh Gallagher (Official Music Video)
(CMT’s #1 Music Video on 12 Pack Countdown for 8 weeks)

Video shot with the great people of my hometown of Cresson, Pennsylvania


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Video by: MGMedia Productions


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  1. Got this as an ad just now and shoot it’s hitting fr great song brother

  2. My dad passed away on the 16 of Sept last year this song makes me think about him🤘💯 thank u josh Gallagher

  3. Awesome I live in this town cresson pa

  4. My boots are 10 years old…..both pairs… I still wear them everyday to work….. my boots are clocking in Overtime. Ariat and Justin Waterproof cowboy boots…. built for working….. all I see around me are people in untied tennis shoes and weird expensive shoes in this factory…. I definitely stand out in the crowd….

  5. CONGRATULATIONS JOSH GALLAGHER FOR REACHING 1,000,000 VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Steel toes stompin in the red dirt pa clay everyday, wouldnt have it any other way. great stuff Josh

  7. I play this song every day before I head to work.

  8. Guess ill suck it up bit longer if i can trade my boots for a suit i gladly will nothing wrong with being a man but if you pass up an oportunity to make it big to prove a point to yourself than your a fool nothing more

  9. Yall qere great last night at the bar in Nashville. My husband loved getting to meet ya.

  10. They don't make boots like mine no more! Not sine Justin shut down their American factories.

  11. Wow, you just became my favorite singer

  12. Love this song and message behind it hits close to home. I started as a farm boy moved to military than to construction no matter our boots pave the way.

  13. I miss my boots got laid off in November only. Had to move 8 hours away just to find a job every welding and manufacturing shop said I didnt have enough experience so work for them ended up as a line cook working for a quarter of my old pay will admit this song made me cry and miss being in the train yard

  14. I sooooooo love this song and music video… beautiful meaning…

  15. Find a man wearing steel toe boots and you found a real man.

  16. Fuuuuuu. K!!! Ya!!! Love 💝 it

  17. I may only be 15 but I have a pare of boots that I have worked in my church's warehouse we have been renovated and on farms I am not afraid of work if only more people wore beet up boots

  18. I love everything about this song forever needs to be played on country radio 🎸❤🎸

  19. This. This is a great song. If only respect to all of us puttin them on everyday gettin dirty and makin things work.

  20. Them Tan lace up government issued boots stayed for 4 years

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