Jimmy Eat World – The Middle (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for The Middle performed by Jimmy Eat World.

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(C) 2001 Interscope Records

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  1. For a 50 year old woman to be going through one of the hardest times in her life and at the moment praying to God and crying out and this song coming on. totally changed my perspective at that moment. believe that it was God just telling me it's going to be all right. two years later I'm still here, better than I was and a lot happier. 🥰

  2. The quintessential song of retailers across the United States

  3. "they ([misunderstand to] bother to) justify concerning to concern for involvements in order to be overwhelmed by ([, for and about] justifying their way into concerning situations [interactions, circumstances, …] because of) them and (heeded/vigilanced to concern about) involvement's circumstances to say that they're so different than ([some, relevant{ly regarded regard for charading or travestying regarding regards with learned bias about to associate involvements of circumstances to reenact,} insecurity because of inadequacy instead of being, as though seeming, uninvolved and settled about it][{instead of acknowledging it <by noticing the difference between expectations and circumstances>} and {also} changing {by and for noticing more to be involved with} to be different and gaining perspective because of it {enough <to/, at least eventually, be thrilled by noticing the pointlessness of concerns's persistence for concerning to be involved about it and> to understand that potentially botheredly enduring being burdened by overwhelming concerns is exhaustive}] …and to not change [{instead of actually changing to be cognizant of the difference and or amidst differences,} they just reassured themselves that things are different to be more enabled because of openness to enablement for enabling circumstances that they justified being involved with and about {to express their overwhelming or overwhelmed concern about concerns felt bothered about.}]) (i was referring about some religious, the justice system, tv, etc, not the people who actually encourage noticing difference and opportunities for figuring difference while figuring about and while enablement about enabling self consideration [because of gaining perspective and figuring relevantly associatable comparisons that validate the perspective gained or realized laughably] to relate about considering making reasonable, not bothersome or out of place, changes [instead.])"

  4. Average girls in this clip >>>>>>>>>>>> Every single model victoria's secret has ever had

  5. How is this song still so god damn good after all these years? Still gives me goosebumps every single time. I will never not love this song.

  6. When they come looking for what we were and why we existed, I hope they find this. Just a race just trying to find ourselves and trying to do our best to live in society we belonged to.

  7. So love this song. Play it loud.

  8. Saw this music video last night and thought the dudes were hot 😀💪🔥🔥🔥

  9. This song could have 10 billion likes and still be greatly underrated!

  10. 🎶 On this date in 2001, Jimmy Eat World released 'The Middle' as the 2nd single from 'Bleed American' (November 5, 2001).

  11. Dear kids..this is how music like 13 years ago..eargsm

  12. I brushed this song off in my teens because I “outplayed it”. I heard it again today at the age of 23 and almost broke down because of the lyrics

  13. 2022 and I still LOVE this song!!!

  14. Seems kind of ironic that literally everyone in this video has a conventionally thin/attractive body (except for the one man in the kitchen.) Kind of undermines the message of the song.

  15. Lauren! It's been a year, Did you build it?

  16. Whoa…that takes me back. Back to 8th grade, staying up late to watch the MTV videos (I think they played em from like 10pm to 2am though.)

    I remember this being in the line-up, along with Linkin' Park, Gorillaz, Sum41…Such fun music for teens at that time. I'm kind of glad I got to grow up at then. No smart phones, no pandemics, ppl were just a lot more chilled out and happy. Yeah, we had our trivial teenage problems – but we also experienced the last cusp of the 1990's energy as the millennium approached. Then, I feel like after 911, a lot of things just started getting a bit lamer. I dunno, maybe it's just me seeing it that way. :/

    But as I often dig through music before my time, I hope some young ones find this and enjoy it as much as we did.

  17. back in the days, when punk and emo music was mainstream in a positive way.. in every club and disco in the early 2000 played this kind of music on a regular base.. today this music completely disappeared out of the culture and mainstream… hope it will come back at some point…

  18. This is universitary rock in its best expression

  19. Hobart ocean sang this song to my daughter when she was fighting cancer. Thank you Hobart !

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