Jax – 90s Kids (Official Video)

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  1. If you're born in 99 ,yes you're a 90's kid by name.
    90's kids were born in the 80's
    Jax probably has absolutely no memory of the 90's lol

  2. Anyone in 2022 still listening to the song💝

  3. Omg. Tomagachi. Wow. I remember those

  4. Communication and you will see the magic like this.

  5. You've got to do a stitch version of this for all the 90s kids to chip in

  6. I wanted a tamagotchi pet when I was a kid but my mom told me no

  7. ALMOST 1 YEAR OUT!! Also todays my birthday and May 18th I Graduate 🥲

  8. The whole music video is like just people puking

  9. The "oh no… It died" is pure gold. 😭

  10. You’re killing me smalls

  11. You were born in ‘96 stfu you know NOTHING about the 90’s …. All you little jabronis wanna be real 90’s kids so bad but have 0 clue what the 90’s were like…. You all cry, are overly sensitive, and more racist/segregational than ever

  12. If y'all remember the throwing up at the fair in the sandlot lmao perfect for the video

  13. OMG! Hammmmmmmmm!!!!! I can't think of his real name but OMG! That's so dope you got him to star in your vid and recreated the iconic throw up scene from The Sandlot! You're truly doing it for the 90s kids! Thanks Jax! Also, love your Tomagotchi making an appearance! Now you just needed to have a game of Pogs lol

  14. I was just coming back from getting ice cream with my stepmom, and this song played over and over AGIAN! AND I FEEL IN LOVE WITH IT🫡❤️‍🔥YOU GOT A NEW FAN, JAX!❤️🎤🎸

  15. Please keep making music🥰✨!So good👍🏼🫣😍🥰

  16. I wish u were my bff

  17. This sounds like wavin flag

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