INVINCIBLE DRAGON Trailer (2020) Anderson Silva, Martial Arts Movie

First trailer for Invincible Dragon starring Anderson Silva.


  1. Again, chinese kungfu will win. So tired with these kinds of shit movie

  2. Martial art action not real and good at all, Zhang ? Far apart from other martial art actors!

  3. Let's go silva!! Do ya thing boyy better late than never

  4. Alguém pode passar o link, para assistir

  5. Silva gotta Get that HK Money anyway but I politely pass

  6. Okay movie, Silva not really good at acting. Max Zhang acting has always been great.
    Rate 5/10.

  7. these movie people, they ever heard of screenwriting, or grasp the concept of storytelling…?… guess not.

  8. Posta o filme…por favor, mas com
    Legenda, em português…Max Zhang
    um dos meus preferidos, muito bom.

  9. Not gonna lie, this looks absolute SHIT lol

  10. Are we all going to forget they were making macho man soup

  11. Japanese make the best kung fu movies, good video

  12. broken English. A big joke. Shitty enough

  13. Real life the fight would be over 10 seconds tops😂

  14. This movie is starring Max Zhang, with Anderson Silva as guest star, based on % screen time. Max Zhang is more well known than Anderson Silva as a martial artist actor in Asia, even if the opposite might be true for the US. It's unfair for the video description to state "First trailer for Invincible Dragon starring Anderson Silva" without any mention of Max Zhang, when Max has a lot more screen time than Anderson, and is an equally (if not more so) established martial arts actor in his own right.

  15. Looks like a crappy movie but I'm going to watch it anyway because I love Anderson Silva

  16. Looks awful and slow. The fights….it's like you can see puppet strings lol. Lame

  17. This movie is old what is your problem, did you really think we are that blind.

  18. They need a better editor

  19. Lame wire work.
    Seriously can’t stand that.

  20. Why come they can’t have a English version without reading it.

  21. This so sh$t…crappy Chinese cgi martial arts movie

  22. стремная постановка драк

  23. Manny Paquiao is in this movie LOL

  24. Cop without covid 19 has no limits in the movie he is a Covid19 and a vaccine at the same time 😉👌 anyway f this movie another bs with flying dragon monkeys

  25. Wow underdone Selva in a move. But for sure he is on limited because of leeg injury.

  26. This guy is making all of the contact on Silva. Silva barely touched him in the whole trailer…really?

  27. Silva's slow ass?


    Hard pass.

  28. 3 of us watched this movie after dinner, after the ending, we all yelled

    What kind of crap this is!!
    What on earth can someone filmed such a bad movie!!
    Give me back my 90mins!!
    If I knew it's such bad, I wouldn't watch even I am getting paid!!

  29. Some fight scene moves kinda slow, its like Anderson Silva is pulling his punches and kicks:(

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