Invasion 2020 Movie Explained in Hindi | Russian Sci-fi Part 2

Invasion 2020 Movie Explained in Hindi | Adventure Thriller
Part 1 – Prityazhenie 2017 Explain
Plot: A woman develops dangerous new abilities after coming in contact with extraterrestrial technology.
Invasion, also known as Attraction 2 is a 2020 Russian science fiction action film. The action of the film unfolds after the events described in Attraction (2017).
Irina Starshenbaum
Rinal Mukhametov
Alexander Petrov
Yuri Borisov
Oleg Menshikov
Sergei Garmash
Yevgeny Mikheev
Daniil Kolzenov
Sergey Troyev
Igor Kosterin
Andrey Nazimov
Initial release: 9 January 2020 (Germany)
Director: Fyodor Bondarchuk
Film series: Attraction
Budget: $14.8 million; (₽944 million)
Box office: $15.8 million; (₽960 million)

Hollywood Explain in Hindi :
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  2. Russian Si-Fi movie achha laga. Alien se insaan ke pyar. Lekin movie mai kuch logic thik nahi laga. Ek interstellar alien jo hazaro light year durr se aake Russian/human defence technology ke aage tik nahi paya ye baat hazam nahi hua. Aur alien ke space ship destroy hone ka baad space ship ka tukra dharti pe nahi gira. Agar girta toh dharti ke kai area destroy ho jayga karan alien space ship dharti ke nazdik aane ke baad dharti pe eclipse a jata hai, socho kitna bara alien space ship hoga 🙄

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